The value of disobedience

The theatre of the world we live in is becoming more extreme, exacerbated and out of control. We can choose to take refuge in fear of the consequences. Or, we can understand that there is a different perspective available to us. A perspective that inexorably pushes us to reclaim the power we have for decades delegated to someone else by trusting in their ability to make choices for the common good.

Those who currently sit in privileged decision-making positions do not operate according to this principle. This is a fact. We saw this in the management of the pandemic, we are observing it in the management of international tensions, we see it in the management of social needs. The world is adrift because those who we have empowered have completely lost clarity with respect to ethical and fundamental human values.

But the one who rows is never the one who holds the rudder. The forward movement of the boat is the result of the effort of those who consider themselves unfit to lead but capable of contributing. In reality, the rowers have enormous power. They can stop the boat.

This is also our power. We can stop this drifting boat by simply stopping rowing.

The time has come to say, “enough is enough”, to say “no”, “I don't agree with these logics”. The time has come to stop delegating our power to those who are not aligned with our values and our feelings. The time has come to disobey.

We have become accustomed to feeling small and powerless in the face of systems. But no system can survive without our energy and daily contribution. We are the lifeblood that fuels the system. Every decision we make weighs and shifts the needle. As long as we adapt, obey, conform, we continue to allow the boat to drift further. We must raise our oars and arms, absolutely, firmly and peacefully, just as Mahatma Gandhi did against the British Empire in the 1940s. It's time to be resolute, courageous and capable of saying no, of saying enough to everything that doesn't respect and honour life.

Let us mutiny from this society and its rules, beliefs and conditions, let us learn to consider, reflect and discern the consequences of our choices and, consequently, let us get used to choosing what we perceive to be based on our deeper values and not on dominant opinions. The time has come to learn to disobey, to step back, to stop conforming. Let's take back the authority of our lives and over our lives.

The awakening of conscience that is currently happening is wonderful. We are finally understanding the immense creative power inherent to each of us. But this power requires our energy to be activated and our energy is currently fragmented by all the belief systems, traumas, false beliefs and addictions we are stuck in. This energy must be brought back to ourselves if we want our disobedience to gain authority. This is a process that anyone can engage in, but it requires commitment, discipline, motivation, courage and humility. Understanding, dismantling, letting go to become lighter, brighter and stronger.

It seems like a paradox but taking everything that is happening to the extreme is a crazy assist in this direction. Let's learn to say, "I'm not in". Nothing else is necessary. Let's pull up the oars. Let’s halt the navigation of this boat. And when we are finally still, let's look inside ourselves, because the true power to change lies in rediscovering the value of our immense human heart.

(pic credits Nik for Unsplash) 


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