The power of "We"

It is happening.

Behind all the dramatic news filling the media, behind all the platitude-filled shows, all the ego-inflated, value-poor personalities screaming from various social media, many people are realising the power of alternative aggregation around solid human values of openness, exploration, sharing and cooperation to imagine, understand and create a different future.

There is no need to fight against something to make it change; in fact, the opposite is true. In resisting, you get stuck in the same type of energy that you are fighting and then you keep recreating the same experience. To transform something, you must stop feeding it. Without energy, without life force, nothing survives and undoes itself.

The most effective way is to shift your attention towards what you want to grow and start feeding it with choices and actions aligned with the vision that is clear in your heart, without doubt and without fear. When we have this determination and courage, it is inevitable that someone will see us and join us because the energetic nature of our essence is an unequivocal call to those who "feel" the same way.

We have entered this incredible and wonderful phase where small cells of alternative visions are visibly growing and enlarging thanks to the harshness and exaggerated, exasperated polarisation we are experiencing.

There are countless parental education projects, organisations of doctors and nurses eager to return to living their work as true personal care; lawyers and jurists fierce in defending the values set out by the republican constitutions paid for with the blood and life of our ancestors; teachers and professors who are no longer able to identify with a mummified and lifeless school system…

And even in companies, interesting opportunities are opening up to support the transformation of corporate culture from a simple machine that produces, invests and generates financial returns to an area in which people can feel part of a creative process that enhances their diversity and personal talent.

We are finally becoming aware of the power that starts with the me and becomes the We.

The power of water that drop by drop becomes a river, a waterfall and even an ocean. The water that does not push, but always finds a way… The water that is unstoppable and wins… always… With humility, patience, perseverance.

There is no need to clamour to disempower what no longer represents us; we can simply no longer give it our support. Each pyramid is built on a large foundation. That basis is We – the people. If the We moves and stops being the basis for projects and objectives that are no longer what we want, the pyramid no longer holds. A silent shifting movement is already underway, and the inevitable crashes that follow will soon start making noise.

What is the truly great challenge to which we are called in this age of profound transformation?

That of remaining grounded in the awareness of the Self. The power of the We no longer depends on any single individual personality who leads, commands or directs; instead, it is based on our individual ability to understand the talent, the passion, the ability with which we can contribute to creating the vision our heart resonates with. It is a big puzzle where everyone holds a unique, fundamental and important piece. And they are responsible for being there and doing their part, with enthusiasm, joy and passion.

From me to We, from you to We, honouring and respecting who we are in our hearts. No need to compete or feel less or more than someone else. The freedom to exist in fullness and awareness. Each one of us is unique, each one is important. We together are the real power that can generate change and evolution, instead of the chaos and involution we are witnessing.

(pic credits Jonny Gios for Unsplash)

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