smiling kitten

The Power of a Smile

Smiling is such a simple act but many people don't know why to do it. 

They believe you should have a special reason to smile and they cannot find any special reason in their day to do it. 

I can give you some special reasons for smiling: smiling releases endorphins, the chemicals that make you happier; smiling decreases stress and anxiety; smiling a lot increases the white cells in your blood stream and strengthen your immune system, so you get ill less; smiling is engaging: makes you looking friendlier and empathetic (and more attractive!); smiling make you feeling more comfortable in new situation and makes you standing out and ... smiling is contagious! So if you smile a lot the people around yourself will start to feel better and mimic you creating a more enjoyable environment for everyone. 

Isn't this enough to put a grin on your face?!?!

But the reason I love smiling is because smiling is effortless and it doesn't cost anything: you can offer your smile without feeling drained or tired, and in return you just feel better and make the others feel better too!

A natural win-win situation, a secret weapon of contagious pleasure...

let's go on a smile tour every day!