The new level of the Game

The social systems in which survival prevails are dominated by very primitive emotions such as fear, but when consciousness evolves on an individual or collective level, the target changes from survival to evolution. We, as humanity, are literally experiencing this dimensional shift. Those who are aware of this deeper dynamic have also understood the meaning of what is happening. The virus, the economic crisis, the political and social tensions, the natural disasters…everything is moving towards the dissolution of a world order that is completely out of balance, exasperated and degenerated. But in order for evolution to accelerate and complete itself, it is necessary that more people wake up to the truth of the existence of a higher, more refined, creative and expansive level of the game. This is the evolutionary plan.

As Eckhart Tolle explains very well, this level implies a fundamental transformation of attitude: from emotional reactivity to presence.

At the survival level, you act on the basis of what your emotions trigger in you: something happens that you interpret in a certain way, the interpretation triggers an emotion and your physical, verbal and emotional responses incorporate this reaction. This dynamic is perpetuated indefinitely, exhausting all your vital energies in the action-reaction theatre that we all know very well, because we have played it millions of times.

Within this circuit you have very few free resources to invest in creating your goals, your desires or your life mission because most of these resources are absorbed and dissipated daily by the survival schemes in which you unconsciously participate. It is very easy for you to feel perpetually tired, unmotivated, frustrated, because you basically continue to move around in circles without going anywhere. What is the reason for this? It is because you identify yourself with, or you still can't distance yourself from, your personality, which feels compelled to participate in the game of survival by asserting itself or feeling the need to defend itself. The personality is dominated by fear in all its forms (fear of losing, of failing, of being alone, of being left behind, of being rejected, of not having enough, of not being worth enough...). 

And how do you get out of this pattern? By understanding your deep identity and returning present to it. By freeing yourself from the illusion of the past and the future that are the timelines in which only your personality lives and returning to being alive in the here and now, which is the only moment of true existence for your essence. 

In practical terms, the deep identity is the consciousness that animates your body and mind; this identity has a purpose in this life: to learn, grow, evolve, overcome certain patterns, to show that you can experience unconditional love, within a physical human personality that is subject to duality and separation. Personality is the costume: male, female, victim, persecutor, leader, follower, artist, politician, athlete... But when you are present to yourself, you forget and overcome all the rules, beliefs, opinions and judgments linked to each costume you are wearing and you go back to reconnecting with the universal laws of existence that apply to every existing life form: all is one, what you do to others you are doing to yourself, what you give you receive, what you sow you reap...

The greatest consequence of being in a state of presence instead of reaction is that you always ask yourself before you think, speak, act what you are setting in motion with that impulse. You learn to become aware and responsible for how you move the energy of which you are an active and creative part, because you know that your every impulse will have an impact on the rest. Your choice can amplify existing energy, or it can create new thought forms that will become different experiences for you and for others.

Why is it so essential and fundamental to understand this mechanism and step up to the next level of the game right now? Because we are experiencing a crucial moment: everything around us reflects and amplifies uncertainty and fear and if we simply react with worry, anxiety and fear we will continue to feed this perverse and destructive game indefinitely. The only and most powerful way we have to radically change this result is to stop feeding it, to move up to the next level of the game and feed that level with our mental, emotional and physical resources.

Unhook your mind and your emotions from what you listen to and observe, do not give energy to fear, criticism, judgment, opinions. Observe the drama with detachment and, if you can, even leave the theatre. Focus on what makes you feel good, imagine what you really want to create, even if it means changing rhythms, habits, questioning your choices, making changes, or simply staying still.

You are not a puppet. Your personality is, but your essence is not. You can choose your emotional state regardless of what you observe. You will see that in looking at things from the higher level of the game, many things take on a completely different meaning; you will discover the true value that certain dynamics have for your personal growth.

I know that what I am inviting you to do seems difficult, but in reality, from the very beginning, it is what you knew you needed. Now is the time to do it.

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