The mind is marvellous and the mind is marvellously dangerous

I have long been fascinated by the mind. I remember the amazement and wonder I felt when, as a child, I saw Yuri Geller on television bending the spoons with his psychic energy. Although his abilities have since been widely criticised, I have continued in my quest to understand and learn everything that has to do with our real mental power.

What I have learned, I believe, should be mandatory teaching material for all human beings. Because too few of us really know how to use the mental power we possess in a positive and effective way; most of us experience the negative effects of limited or incorrect use of the wonderful mind.

The first thing that few people know is that the mind does what it thinks we want it to do; in other words, it always responds to our orders or desires and the way we formulate such orders or desires, conscious and/or unconscious, are the words and pictures we create. Your mind listens to what you constantly communicate to it; it is concerned with 'fulfilling' your commands/desires.

So, if you repeat incessantly that "I'm tired and I can’t do that anymore" your mind will find a way to solve the problem, maybe by helping you break a leg so you will be free from the task. If you repeat in your mind that you are stupid, your mind will induce your body to produce results that reflect your supposed stupidity, so you will feel even more stupid. If you are obsessed with the idea of ​​losing your job and you constantly imagine such scenes, your mind will help you to create that outcome because it doesn’t understand the difference between a negative desire (obsession) and a positive one. 

Therefore, it would be advisable to become much more aware of what you are telling your mind. Because for your mind, your natural conversation is a preference and an instruction to action.

The other fundamental thing to learn is that the mind drives you naturally and constantly toward what is familiar to you and keeps you away from what is not. It does so because its purpose is your survival and it is obviously easier to keep you alive if you choose the things you know, the ones you have already experienced. The paradox of this is that sometimes the things you are most familiar with are those that have made you suffer; consequently, you unknowingly replicate them in your life because you know them so well. Think about a young girl that grows up with violent parents and when she falls in love, she unknowingly chooses a violent partner because violence is the most familiar situation she knows.

The other consequence of this feature is that change for the mind is always unnatural, it is an imposition and an effort. The mind does not choose change and doesn't often endure it. So it is useless to wonder why you continue to postpone the things you would like to change in your life. To bypass this impasse you simply have to do them. If you look for the rational support of your mind, you will look forever.

Understanding these simple truths has enlightened my life. I have started to listen to me, to study what kind of verbal or imaginary language I use, what kind of instructions I communicate to my mind. I have stopped using common terms when they have a negative connotation, I have stopped imagining things I do not want to happen. 

My daily exercise is to choose what to nurture my mind with and how to reinforce the instructions I want my mind to hear. I have also stopped using logic in making decisions, shifting to my intuition instead. Those who know me can clearly measure the quality that my life manifests through these choices. And the wonderful thing is that the same results are within your reach too if you allow yourself to change the way you talk with your wonderful mind.


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