The gift of a New Year

The more you become aware of yourself and your creative power, the more exciting the challenge of the new year is. Because now you understand clearly that it no longer makes sense to feed hopes, now you know that you can choose what to invite, to desire and to co-create in your experience. The more you are able to stay focused and aligned with that energetic vibration, the more your results will reflect exactly what you’re now envisioning for yourself.

This end-of-year then becomes a magical moment in which to collect ideas, clarify what is truly valuable, select your priorities and begin to gather your energies for the next leap.

The most essential thing is to understand what you must let go because it is an obstacle, a slowdown, a sabotage to your evolution. And this is usually the most tiring reflection, because although certain things are obvious to you, your attachment to people, relationships or habits inevitably leads you to drag them along, even if they no longer work. But as anyone who climbs mountains knows, the less weight you carry, the less tiring your ascent will be.

The ability to shut down, let go and make peace with any guilt that may arise is indeed a positive and essential quality for anyone who understands their value and responsibility in being born into this life experience. Taking this step releases an enormous amount of trapped energy and this alone can allow you to take significant steps forward without any effort; suddenly you will feel so light and so full of vitality that you can make certain things happen simply by thinking about them.

The second important element is related to the choice of where to channel your energy. Here, the term "less is more" applies. The more you focus and direct your life energy upon something, the more easily what you choose will manifest as an experience for you. And it is ineffective to disperse your attention on too many fronts. So if there are several things you would like to achieve, ask yourself which is the first and have the patience to face the others when you have achieved this result. This way of choosing selectively ensures that you are present to what you are experiencing. Only when you are present do you really live.

The third aspect I suggest thinking about is imagining who you are dreaming of becoming through this new year. What do you imagine yourself becoming at the end of next year? What are the aspects of you that you have managed to evolve, the characteristics that you have amplified, the limits you have overcome? This is a reflection that very few do because most of us have been educated to plan for practical goals. But in reality, what makes us feel alive is growing through our experiences. Reflecting on the direction we want to grow in personally allows us to choose practical goals that are more accurate and in line with this direction, but also more diversified and less obvious.

When these reflections have allowed you to gain greater clarity, the most powerful next step you can take is to abandon yourself to a boundless gratitude for life that gives you another year to invent and co-create experiences. Bless your body, acknowledge and honour the brilliance of your mind and the immense power of your soul, and declare yourself ready and excited to participate with your unique talents in a new year of dance. Gratitude is the most magical frequency with which to inspire, infuse and fulfil every experience.

And may your 2023 be lit with the brightest joy and love I can imagine for you.

(pic credits Adnan Mistry for Unsplash)

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