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Knowledge is power. Deep understanding or awareness of what you learn, even more so.

I’m sure you have already got in touch with concepts such as energy and vibration. It is now increasingly common to hear people talking about resonance, alignment, about the energetic nature of the universe, about the transmission of light... but although many people talk about this, few have really understood how to use this knowledge, which literally changes your life.

In order to fully understand this, it is necessary to let go of the belief that what your eyes see is solid and real. This illusion perpetuates the feeling of being an isolated and separate self and makes it difficult to perceive that you belong to a universal energy field.

If you imagine your body as an aggregate of molecules that have an electric vibration and possess a shape thanks to the attractive or repulsive force of electric charge, you can also better understand what it means to vibrate high or low depending on your emotions.

Emotions are like the remote control that moves you on the frequency band and determines your life experience.

Negative emotions are denser and gravitate downward, whilst positive emotions are lighter and more expansive and gravitate upwards. When you tune into certain emotions you live experiences that have the same energy signature or vibration. This is a universal law; it is not a punishment, it is an unconscious or conscious choice that you are making. To be clear, you cannot listen to Virgin Radio on the BBC radio frequency band.

The remote control is ALWAYS in your hands. Nobody can force an emotion upon you. Emotion is a choice. This awareness is life-changing. You grew up reacting to what you were experiencing and therefore undergoing the emotions corresponding to that situation, but "growing up" means understanding that this is not so: what happens to you has a specific meaning for you and learning to master your emotions is what frees you from the need to continue experiencing negative situations.

Your happiness is not a consequence of the things that happen to you; your happiness is the vibration you choose before things happen so they can happen in that way. In other words, your happiness is a positioning (tuning) on ​​an energy band called happiness where you listen, live and experience happiness. This does not mean that painful or sad things will no longer enter in your life, because they are exactly the challenge you need to exercise your freedom of choice regarding emotions. You will go through them by keeping your vibration on the higher side, not allowing anything or anyone to change it, because it is your vibration that has the POWER to change your experiences.

So, the most fundamental, important and valuable power you have is the ability to master your vibrations. What affects your vibrations? Thoughts (beliefs, mental settings, habits, interpretations), words and emotions. You have to learn to be present to yourself at all times. The famous "here and now" is none other than that: it is the consciousness of your vibration in every moment. What thoughts are you having? What words are you using? What emotions do you allow to circulate in your being?

When you realise the quality of these aspects, you can immediately understand what kinds of experience you are creating for yourself. It is nobody's fault. The quality of your experiences depends on the choice of vibration you make in each and every moment.

Why is it so essential to understand all of that now? Because we are transitioning through a collective experience of anxiety, anger, worry and fear so high that, if you do not become aware of your power to choose/change your vibration, you risk becoming trapped in that density and consequently creating for yourself experiences that will replicate these vibrations.

Feed on beauty, feed on nature, feed on art, creativity, pleasure, well-being, feed on everything that has the power to help you raise your vibration, and only when you are feeling strong and balanced should you think, speak and act so that the vibration you are expanding for you and for all of us is the most beneficial and positive and loving possible.

(pic courtesy Cia Gould for Unsplash)

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