Inner Self-Talks...

What a thrill when you are facing a new challenge! You feel the emotion in your body: a mix of positive expectations and the mistery of the unknown and then suddenly this little voice start to whisper in your ears: “you won’t be able to do it”... “you are not good enough”... “you are not ready yet”... “remember last time you tried something new”... “stay on the way you already know, why to risk to change?”...

In a second all the enthusiasm and the thrill are gone, evaporated.

You hit back the ground, the dream flying away and tons of very logical, rationale and reassuring thoughts filling your mind instead... 

This is a very common process: how many times your heart has beaten for something, giving you the feeling of being totally alive and exhilarated and then nothing happened because the little voice came in to weaken your self-confidence and your aspiration to do something new?

The little voice is part of us all and comes from a subject we already know well: the Subconscious Mind.

The negative self-talks are defence mechanism put in place by Mr S to avoid you choosing something new. In its opinion, which is the point to make a new conscious effort when you have already stored solutions, processes and answers easily ready-to-be-used on that topic? 

But going for the old way produces only the old results. 

You cannot experience nothing new and nothing different if you constantly follow the suggestions of your inner negative self-talks

Your future becomes your past: an old compilation re-mixed.

The inner negative talks are limiting beliefs you are holding regarding yourselves and if you don’t learn to question them, to understand where they come from and which is the reason why you are giving them so much power, they can constantly sabotage your future and your aspirations to something different. 

“The worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself “ (Friedrich Nietzsche).

The external obstacles are nothing but a by-product of your internal sabotage.

So the first and most important step for you is becoming aware of which are the inner negative self-talks that are keeping you hostage of yourself. 

Which are the beliefs you are giving the power to determine your destiny? 

This is really a great exercise to do: identify them and put them down on a piece of paper. Look them in the eyes and start to challenge what doesn’t serve you anymore.

Shift your mind on them: make the negative self-talks becoming positive thoughts you begin to believe and to strengthen about yourself.

You will be amazed by the energy you will free up for yourself and for your dreams through this simple process of acknowledgment and shift. 

Wish you to constantly Upgrade your Thoughts!