I came across this word recently and I fell in love with its meaning immediately: resilience means “the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape” and I just realized that never as much as nowadays have we needed to be or learn to be resilient.

Why do I say so? Because our lives are constantly under pressure from something. Depending where you are based in the world, even now, while you read this, you are experiencing at least one of these conditions: economic crises or social unrest, flooding, drought, extreme weather conditions, lack of employment, famine or epidemics, political instability, scandal...

On top of this technology has introduced such speed to our lives that we feel constantly late for something. You are overwhelmed by information and data, you are running after new versions, new downloads, new updates, new upgrades on a daily basis in a desperate attempt to keep up to speed with a society and a lifestyle that is developing at lightning speed...

These are no ordinary times and without resilience you could definitely lose yourself.

Many people are doing so already. I’m thinking of the huge number of suicides that mark the daily chronicle in Italy, the country where I was born and where I come from. The current extreme conditions of the economy are forcing so many people out of their business nowadays that these husbands, fathers and entrepreneurs cannot find other solutions than taking their own life when they become bankrupt or get into debt and have no viable options of employment in front of them.

But the undeniable truth is that we are struggling because we want to hold onto a world that doesn’t exist anymore.

We are creating resistance to change and that resistance is killing us and our dreams.

Look at our governments and our bankers: they are a clear example of resistance to change; they are constantly driving us from a crisis of one kind to a crisis of another because their focus is on keeping power, instead of finding innovative solutions to the problems that are affecting society.

You live in times where vision, boldness, and flexibility are the brightest qualities to own and to offer because they are the only abilities that can lead you into safe territory again.

To not succumb you have to stop resisting and start to adapting to change.

To be resilient.

When are you able to do so? When you are open minded, when you stop just believing in what you know and you let the new in...

When you stop fighting and defending your beliefs as the only truths that exist.

When you understand that reality is a subjective experience that you can model through your entire existence.

When you recover alignment with your inner self and you learn how to hold onto it instead of grasping here and there to feel safe.

You are bigger than anything outside yourself.

What is happening in your life offers you a way to explore and learn, to master your life experience.

You live in such a rich and intense groundbreaking time and you have the opportunity to accelerate your personal evolution at a pace and speed that is truly exceptional.

Master your resiliency.

Learn how to believe in your inner power and astonishing abilities fully...

There is only one way to do so: by knowing yourself.

Understand who you truly are and what purpose you chose in being on this planet in this lifetime.

The journey always starts within...

Be aware, this journey has the power to truly change everything else. The moment you understand your limitless abilities you free yourself from anything.

That means being able to stand up for yourself, honor your uniqueness, champion your authenticity and believe in yourself against all the odds.

As someone once said, “It is not a journey for the faint hearted”... But it is the only way to start living and to stop surviving.