Relearning feeling

Feeling is your magnificent navigation system that allows you to be in the world and manage your life experience. Without an automatic and detailed instinctive feeling of danger or safety, you will be unable to survive in the jagged range of dangerous or safe experiences you face every day.

Your senses are constantly picking up details that are processed by the brain and motivate your gut reactions. Perceiving is natural, fundamental and essential for your physical survival and your spiritual evolution. 

When you are a small child, the innate perception system is your lifeline; it is also the first level through which you begin to learn to react. But then things get complicated when interpretation comes into play, when you begin to receive instructions and definitions regarding your feelings and you start to catalogue them. If you were educated to interpret your own perceptions by yourself, to learn to master the different vibrations and energies of your emotions, you would have grown with a natural and solid confidence in yourself and your ability to read and cope with your own experiences. Instead, most of us have been confused by the way the adults around us interpreted our feelings. These interpretations were affected by their own mindset and history. From generation to generation we have unconsciously absorbed the ways of thinking, beliefs and reactions that belong to others, but which have, de facto, nurtured our personal history, like the food we have been fed.

And so everything in your own experience was muddied. You got used to interpreting and thinking in the way your family, your school, culture, religion, society invited you to interpret and think. Even when you unconsciously felt disconnected and in disagreement with a certain system of thinking, and you decided to distance yourself or rebel against it, you embraced another reference system, maybe opposite to the previous one, because one of the biggest instinctive fears of the human being is isolation. We need to feel welcomed, comforted, embraced by the protection of the family, of the tribe, of the group, and so we easily give in. We are afraid of rejection, of being alone and against everyone.

But while in childhood loneliness put your survival at risk, in adulthood taking distance and learning to know and trust your thinking and feeling is a blessing and the most powerful evolutionary key that you have.

Each of us is endowed with a perfect body-mind-spirit system, each part has its functions, but these three aspects work as a team, and only when they are in balance with each other do they produce the best results.

"Mens sana in corpore sano" the ancients said. And it is true. The mind works best when the body is not sick and in pain, when the life energy flows in every organ and tissue. But the opposite is also true, and this truth is becoming more evident day by day. Your thoughts, your mentality or scheme of mind determine the health of your body. Being obsessed with diseases makes them an experience for you, your emotional wounds and limiting beliefs alter the circulation of the vital flow of energy that nourishes the organs and deprives them of health. The way you think and interpret your feelings deeply influences your wellbeing. And your energetic-spiritual awareness is the tip of the balance that has the power to completely overturn the game. When you finally understand that your spiritual body is the blueprint and the matrix that informs the physical you, you are just a few steps away from reconnecting with your self-healing power, something that is yours by default. But first you must tame the ego.

The ego or personality is all that you have learned to be that prevents you from being fully who you are, because it is the product of a limited consciousness, influenced by your experiences and by the interpretations you have accepted and made your own. The ego is just one of the many ways you could be, but when it assumes the right to represent fully your identity, it does so through the countless beliefs (which are not truths, but simply shared opinions) and the countless wounds you take pride in, because they guarantee you the attention of others. The ego is the victim (and yourself with it) of the daily roller-coaster of your emotions. 

A moment here, a moment there, depending on what happens outside of you and what you give the power to influence you. When you are finally able to see this clearly, it is because your spirit is tired of playing in the box the ego has confined your life to. Finally it pushes you to enlarge your horizons, putting things in the right order, understanding who the conductor is and what all the instruments are that interpret the symphony. And then comes the importance of your feelings, of understanding the true significance and role of the emotions. Here, you must understand something that you have probably misunderstood from the very beginning: there are no emotions you can avoid or throw away. Every experience and every perception that you feel has its own value because it allows you to deepen, study and understand the power of your free will, the power of your own choices. 

And here we are. In a very elegant and simple way you now see it all clearly: feelings are much more than what you learned them to be. They are a magic tool, a powerful GPS, a very distinctive instrument for your human and spiritual evolution.

(pic credits Robert Collins for Unsplash)

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