Nothing is as it seems

“Nothing is as it seems” – this statement may give you a sense of discomfort. This is natural.

Because the last thing you want is to not know how to evaluate what you have in front of you, to not know how to prepare yourself adequately for what might come.

Your mind wants to control and to plan. This is its main role; it takes care of your survival, and control and planning are two very appropriate tools in that direction.

The problem, however, is that your mind does not see an objective reality. Instead, it comes to a conclusion after interpreting the data collected by the five senses; this interpretation then passes through the mental settings and is accepted as true. So, if you are convinced of certain things, you subconsciously filter what affects your senses on the basis of that belief and you only accept what confirms your mental setting. This is why sometimes we do not see what is in front of our eyes, because it does not fit with our current mindset and therefore is not taken into account. We do not see with the eyes; we see with the mind. The unconscious programs that we have accepted and memorised are those that guide our possible experiences in one direction or another.

Much of these programs are collective programs: family traditions, social customs and habits, religious commandments, the rules of the civil coexistence of our nations, constitutions, school education, etc. We have learned to know and behave on the basis of an infinite series of indications that now constitute the mental setting and determine what we see, how we see it and, also, what we do not see.

It is thanks to this implicit mechanism that affiliations and parties are created. These represent shared interpretative possibilities of reality, but, indeed, no affiliation owns more truth than another. Everything is relative and nothing is what it looks like, because the perspective of everything changes depending on the point of view of the observer.

Why am I reflecting on this right now? Because never before has it been so necessary to abandon all the attachments we have to what we have considered true and real. If we remain rigidly attached to what we think we see, we risk falling into a very dangerous trap.

The society you thought you knew and navigated with some degree of familiarity, trust and confidence is not entirely real. So many uncomfortable "truths" are coming out, some far beyond what you could ever have imagined. You may feel extremely confused, bewildered and, quite possibly, even scared. But the worst thing you could do is push this feeling away because it doesn’t correspond to the reality you are used to seeing. At this moment, human evolution needs a strong break with models that no longer correspond to the awareness we have reached and this break is bringing to light aspects of reality that were hidden from our perception precisely because of the dominant mental settings.

Nothing is as it seems. Accepting this statement creates a space in your consciousness, it allows you to accept what goes beyond the known and the familiar, it gives you flexibility.

After this opening, the most important thing for you will be not to seek answers outside, but within yourself. Cultivate the ability to feel what is right and what is not because this will be the only GPS that really works for a while. The era of gurus, of institutions that dictate rules of behaviour, is ending. We are finally entering a phase in which each of us will become increasingly aware of his or her identity, his or her freedom, his or her power and his or her degree of individual and collective responsibility.

We all have a reason to be here, but above all we all have enormous personal power. This power has been heavily manipulated for years, but we can reclaim it now. Not blindly believing what you think you see is the first concrete action you can take to start using it.

(pic credits Randy Jacob - Unsplash)

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