Making a difference. Some additional thoughts...

I wrote about this theme some time ago. But it keeps coming back to my heart and I would like to share some additional thoughts with you. 

Don’t we all want to make a difference? Being important to at least one person, helping to make the world a better place, doing wonders for someone else's life... Our hearts naturally yearn towards something bigger than ourselves. Our aspirations as children are usually immense... 

But then, what happens to them? Why do they shrink so much to the point that they disappear?

Because we stop believing that we can be impactful unless what we are doing is huge and visible, as evident as the life changing missions of some specific few.

I have discovered and learned that you can make a difference in your life and in the lives of others when you stop believing in the fears you have nurtured for years, which have immobilized you where you should not be immobilized. You, me, we make a difference when we let ourselves be driven by the passion of something that calls us from the inside and we stop worrying about what others are thinking about us. We are confident and enthusiastic about the music of our hearts.

When you are passionate about something and you give it your time and energy to the full you are transforming the world in a positive way because you have become a love alchemist. Your passion is made of love and as such it infuses love in what it focuses on, making it grow and sharing love around. 

Making a difference begins with the understanding of where your heart beats in a natural way, where you are the most creative and contagious, what you are really good at... and then stop tarnishing and diminishing these gifts.

You can make a difference wherever you are, you don’t need to be in a position of special responsibility and leadership, and often it is not even necessary to change everything, but just to begin to do some things differently, in a free and passionate way, respecting your own values ​​and ceasing to believe what everyone thinks, ceasing to do so anonymously and on auto-pilot.

If you can understand this I’m sure you can also understand how important you are in influencing the destiny of the world. The ripple effect of resonating on a strong passionate energy can send shock waves into the system. And the system is currently weak and has already broken itself so it is much easier to have a positive impact on it. 

Stop being fearful. You can truly make a difference if you start believing it.

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  • Annalisa 27/01/2016 8:55am (8 years ago)

    Dear Ros you expressed it so perfectly: we can write our own film script and cast ourselves in whatever role we choose.

    Freedom of choice is the key, the precious jewel we all own.

    Let's use it all the time.

    Huge love

  • Ros 27/01/2016 7:53am (8 years ago)

    Thank you Annalisa for these timely words. They resonated with me very strongly this morning, especially the phrase " ceasing to believe what everyone thinks, ceasing to do so anonymously and on auto-pilot". We develop images of ourselves based on other's perceptions of us and, over time, we start to believe them and drift through life as that character. They are not always correct. We do not have to play the role they choose for us. We can write our own filmscript and cast ourselves in whatever role we choose. Aspirations are good, the possibilities are endless. We CAN make a difference if we listen to our inner voice and shed the cloak of fear. Thank you for the reminder.

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