Making the Difference

Making a difference is not hard, everyone can make a difference in what they live, in their relationships, in their work, their career, their spare time. Just adding passion to their style. 

Passion is the ingredient that transforms everything: it makes trivial things intense, average situations unique, repetitive events interesting.

There is a girl, just more than a teen who works in the bakery near where I live. She is Polish, speaks basic English hardened by her Eastern accent and yet manages to sweeten the day of anyone who comes into the store. ... Her secret? Her passion and sweetness. She told me that she arrived in London looking for work last year. She wasn’t carrying anything with her apart from the desire to find an activity that would allow her to help her family back home.

I know that she lives in the suburbs, that she occupies a room in an apartment shared with other young people, I know that she gets up at dawn to be here to distribute baguettes and croissants ... doing it with a smile and a kind word for everyone.

She told me that she is deeply proud to have this job because it allows her to alleviate the difficulties of her family.

She is happy and passionate and you can FEEL it. 

You do not need to be Mandela or Mother Teresa to change the world. You can be a baker in Highbury Barn with a smile lit from your heart.

You can be just yourself, the one you are when you're not afraid to express your passions and the characteristics that make you who you are.

You make a difference when you let your essence permeate and influence the world. There is no one exactly like you on the planet. You are Unique!

Don’t you think that is exciting? 

Allow yourself to rediscover the passions that will light up your heart and that make you authentic. Allow yourself to get back in touch with your inner and true core, and let all the beauty and uniqueness that you are holding inside you reverberate outside and make a difference. Be fully Yourself.

The best you are cannot shine when you're tired and unmotivated, when what you live and the way you express your roles is not aligned with you.

The gap between who you are and who you want to be is sucking all the enthusiasm and energy that you can express. But trust me; you have the power to bridge that distance. You have the power and the right to do so. Do not settle for less.

As the great spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer says:

"Do not die with your music still inside. Listen to your inner voice and find the passion that awakens your soul"

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