Love is all you need

Love is all you want because it's the only emotion that makes you feel deeply alive, that thrills you, that makes you expand. It is a feeling of fullness, of completeness and well-being.

Why do I feel so well when I am loved? Because I feel at home. And if love is my home, then I am love.

You are made of love. That’s why you feel so bad in a world overflowing with violence.You are made of love. That's why you feel so bad when love is being taken away, denied, removed, stolen from you. You are made of love. That's why you feel so bad when you can’t express it, share it, communicate it. You are made of love. That's why you are willing to do anything to find love, even to beg, to compromise yourself, to be manipulated and manipulate.

When I developed this clarity regarding love I was able to clearly understand the root of so many of my habits and behaviours. I understood the reason why I made so many bad choices, mistakes and poor decisions. I just wanted to re-connect with the stream of love that I’m made of; but I didn’t know the right way to do it and I got confused.

Now I know where to go. I just need to move inside and accept and respect my inner truth.

I need to stop believing that love is an achievement, something I have to earn, something conditioned by other events or attitudes.

Love is the energy that makes my body grow and keeps the universe evolving. Love is the light that I see when I look someone in the eyes without blinking for a few minutes.

Love is all there is but that we cease to see when we stop believing in it.

We are made of love. Our culture has simply disconnected us from ourselves and we have lost touch with our true nature, we live with the illusion that we are separate from love. But if we shut our ears to the loud noises around us, if we stop being connected with the frenzy and fear of our lives, love returns to sing and we can recognise it anywhere, because we are made of love.

I pray that the magic of Christmas will bring you this awareness, because when you recognise that you are love, you won’t choose anything less anymore. And your life will become a real blessing. Like mine is.

(Pic courtesy Flickr - Dar'ya Sip)

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