Living from Your Heart

The secret of a happy life is passion.

When you are passionate you are bold and invincible.

Instead of this though you force yourselves to live your lives through your mind.
You have become logical, rational, reliable, predictable.

Quite the opposite of what passion suggests you do.

The heart is your fearless leader, but instead you are giving lead to the mind, your obsessive leader.

And so instead of nourishing yourself with love as you should do to be strong, confident and full of trust and joy you feed yourself with fears.

You are afraid of being rejected and you conform to the rules of a society that disgusts you. You are afraid of failure and you trap yourself in jobs which take away the colour and the excitement from your days. You are afraid of change and allow yourself to sink into lives and relationships that no longer have taste. You are afraid to express your uniqueness and you put on masks of grey to go unnoticed until you also become grey inside...

Put passion back into your life.

Go and celebrate the beauty that you carry inside instead of being obsessed with modeling yourself on someone else’s style.

The secret of your happiness lies within you and resides in your ability to become visible to yourself.

Learn to appreciate your complexity and the unique mix of qualities, gifts, talents and wisdom that you possess.

That is the foundation for building your success as a human being.

Don’t impose upon yourself any more by stretching to equal the successes of others, like an armour that doesn’t allow you to breathe.

Think about your own qualities and turn them into successful qualities.

How? By using your passion.

Your passion can move mountains. Your passion can be like a drug that takes you beyond all limits.

Go back to living from the heart and you will reset the stress that sucks your life.

Go back to living from the heart and you will be fearless.

Go back to living from the heart and give the mind its proper role: that of an architect and designer of dreams.

You can’t really be beaten: with a mind that imagines and a heart that guides you towards your vision you can’t be other than successful.

You don’t believe me? Read Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”. Read the biographies of recent successful people such as Richard Branson or Steve Jobs.

Vision and passion for your vision are the keys to achieving every target you are setting for yourself.

Finding a new balance between your mind and your heart is the secret to unfolding an amazing future for you and for this world.