Listening to your intuition

We are all intuitive when we are born. Intuition is the intelligence of the heart and the voice of your higher self, the part of you that knows the true reasons for being who you are. Intuition is knowing the right thing to do not because you have reasoned it, but because you know it is right. It is the most accurate inner knowledge you possess. Its way of communicating with you is usually very 'physical'. You feel it from within, it can be a certainty that resonates in your heart, an affirmation that suddenly fills your mind, a shiver down your spine that puts you on alert; it usually comes like a flash and doesn't explain anything. It simply needs to be listened to. It is that sensation that throbs in your temples and prevents you from saying a perfectly logical and rational yes or no, but that cannot fully convince you. It is that feeling of having to let go even when something seems so beautiful it cannot be rejected.

Sometimes it talks to you through dreams, or sends you signals through sudden sensations that push you to act in a way contrary to what you would have chosen, and you don't even know why.

Its value is immense. Much broader and deeper than your logic and your rationality because it draws on a knowledge of yourself that goes beyond what you have learned, experienced, mastered up to now. Your mind can only draw conclusions based on the data it possesses thanks to the knowledge acquired. Intuition, on the other hand, is faithful to what it knows about your life plan, why you are here and who you are. And therefore it has the power to guide and direct your choices from a much higher, clearer, more precise and, above all, coherent point of observation.

In the short term, what intuition suggests to you may appear to have no logical sense, or it may seem the least optimal choice, but its intervention and purpose are to keep you aligned with the original and complete plan of life you have chosen, to the most significant goals of your physical experience. It is like the GPS that shows you the best route and just asks you to trust.

Why then is it so difficult to follow its directions?

Because we have not been educated to understand its true value and meaning and often consider it secondary, while we choose logic by default, which is what we have been taught to do. Rationality is the main resource we resort to when we must make decisions, putting it before the intuitive sensations because we are afraid of making mistakes by not understanding where these sensations come from.

And this is why I find it so important to share with you what I have understood: intuition is connected to a non-local awareness; it illuminates what is not yet clear to logic; it reveals what is not yet evident to your eyes, protects and keeps you aligned with what's really important in your life. It is that call and that push that gets you back on track when you have gone too far from where you should have gone.

Believe me, intuition is truly a super-power that we all possess. But you cannot fully understand its value if you are still anchored in the belief that your life is a set of random experiences and facts, or that you are a victim of what happens to you, or that there are people who are lucky and others who are not. You are the great designer and creator of your own life experience and you created this life with awareness and care even before you were born. Intuition is the great tool that keeps you faithful to that design, because without explaining anything, it simply indicates the best move or choice to make, so that, you may continue along that map in the most meaningful way to you.

This means that intuition leads you to experience the most important growth and evolution, which can also be challenging and never mundane. You did not come here to avoid problems, but to understand how to avoid creating them and, if they exist, how to use them as evolutionary steps, rather than insurmountable obstacles. So when intuition speaks to you, the best thing you can do is listen, never doubting that there is a profound and real reason why this came to you. When you do this, the immediate sensation you feel is expansion, you feel the rightness of that decision and it is like dropping a weight. And from then on, the best attitude is curiosity to see what will come for you, abandoning the need to keep everything under control. In fact, intuition operates on a completely different paradigm from the rational mind, which is logic-control. Intuition requires presence, curiosity and trust, but what it gives you back in abundance is a priceless feeling of fluidity, of being exactly where you should be.

(Pic credits - Jen Theodore for Unsplash)

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