Let's Feel the Spring ...

I know I am well ahead, and the weather is not a certainty, but these days of early spring are a special gift and a wonderful balm to our repressed spirits. Being able to go out and breathe the blue of the sky and the colour of the crocuses that dot the meadows, feeling the warm sun's rays on the skin; these are sensations that activate a deeper wellbeing and rekindle our vitality. This is the only medicine we need to feel alive again.

Our wonderful body knows how to transform positive sensations into health and the spring is a powerful support for us to flourish within ourselves. Let's silence the news, turn off the phones, get away from the computers. We need to create contact with the earth and with nature, to feel reborn. We are made of earth, water, wind and fire, and our bond with the nature of this planet is indissoluble and profound. There is nothing that heals physical, psychological and emotional imbalance faster than immersion in the beauty and perfection of the natural world.

A garden is enough, a park is enough, a tree is enough.

These things continue to exist around us, despite the strict tearing of our cities.

Let’s slip into the green of the woods and meadows, let's sit at the edge of lakes, or next to the sea, and let nature speak to us. Because the language of nature is the language of life. Always. There is only a continuous flow of life in nature and we need to re-connect to life after so much talk about death.

Let's feel life pulsing from within, uncorrupted. We need only a ray of sunshine on the skin, a caress.

We are alive and there is a new spring to invent, to colour, to make bloom. Nobody can take what comes from within us. Feet on the ground and eyes on the sky, more and more connected to ourselves, to consciousness, to nature and to the magic of what nothing and nobody can turn off.

Thank you spring for your unexpected early appearance. You are so welcome ...

(pic credits Call me Fred for Unsplash)

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