Know Thyself

For me the summer is always a period of great joy, because in the lush paradise where I spend my days it is easy to entertain interesting conversations with relaxed friends and guests who are willing to get involved in my relentless curiosity for all topics regarding human potential.

I recently read some new, fascinating and powerful books that helped me to understand even better the roots of some of our mental patterns and attitudes, the reasons for many of our fears and the main motivation for our persistent difficulty to make decision with confidence and certainty.

Every time I dive into a new book, my heart does somersaults of joy because I’ve become so good at intuitively choosing what I need or desire to explore and so the answers I’m looking for are revealed with great clarity and simplicity. This is a very intense joy. But the biggest excitement comes later. Because when I understand the theory I want to experience it and so I spend hours questioning my reactions and my emotions, trying to go beyond the obvious and below the surface to understand the true meaning of those insights that have opened my heart.

My life nowadays is a constant discovery of something more about myself. Sometimes this means I see things I don’t like. But now I know that with awareness and commitment that nothing is forever. What I dislike is just new working material: I can change and shape it to become something that I do like. 

It’s that easy, obvious, automatic? Not really. But it’s wonderful.

To know that what you've always considered your limit is so only because you believe it to be, to know that there isn’t really a fear that you can’t neutralise, to find out that what has been your past does not necessarily become your future, these have been achievements that have revolutionised my life.

It is all there, in that "know thyself" of arcane memory. That admonition, that statement gathers the deep meaning of your life. Of everyone's life.

Know thyself, because from that knowledge comes your power to influence things and determine your present and your future.

Know thyself, because then you will understand just how vast the untapped potential that you waste every day is.

Know thyself, because in yourself is hidden the meaning of your life, of your happiness and of your sense of accomplishment.

When I meet people who are in tune with these words my heart brightens because I know they are ready for that evolutionary leap that will fill their days, their life and their choices with a new and different meaning.

If "knowing thyself" ignites your interest, do not get distracted. It is time to do something.

And you can do it with me. Monday August 31 I will be at the lead of a new group of curious humans who have a deep desire to better understand themselves.

It will be wonderful for me, as is always the case, to help them see themselves from an empowering perspective, to help them master their personal resources, insights and self-confidence to a level that they didn’t believe possible.

"Know thyself" really is the key transformation to discover the depth and richness you possess.

Turn it up!

All the details are here.

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  • Anitra 15/02/2017 1:56pm (7 years ago)

    Y&93;#all did a fabulous job bringing that up to date. We are DIYers, too and my husband built our mantel when we built the house. I had him make it deeper a couple of years ago because it was too skinny for me to put much of anything on it. Good thing we have husbands who can build things. Yours looks great.

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