How will you enter the new year?

We are at the end of an intense and challenging year. A year like never before. A year that has put each of us to the test in many different ways. A year on the edge between a past that was abruptly interrupted, and a future still heavily clouded by risk and uncertainty.

This is a significant and important moment and I would like to help you face it with serenity, in a state of mind filled with trust and awareness of the vast power you have, despite all the pressure and instability surrounding you.

The pandemic and the chaos with which it has been managed can be interpreted from many angles, many in apparent opposition, because polarity is the reality in which we live. The third dimension is characterised by polarization and this is present in every aspect of our choices: white or black, glossy or opaque, high or low, superficial or deep, and so on... Every choice is possible because there are alternatives and when alternatives exist people naturally line up or take sides. The problem with taking sides is that each side then arrogates itself to the presumption that it is the right one, placing itself in sharp antagonism with others. This is why our individual and collective relationships are so difficult and even dramatic sometimes. Let us then simply try to rise a little above all the sides, to evaluate the effects of everything that has happened and is happening from above. 

We are undeniably stuck. Everything we used to rely on no longer works, and this is inexorably pushing us towards the need to change. Even those who were completely averse to change are forced to face it, drawing out unexplored resources. They have to rely on their innate ability to go beyond their comfort zone, and this in itself is revolutionary. In just under a year most of us have taken steps that many have been postponing for decades, or steps that in normal times would have taken years. We have had to change, re-aligning with the natural flow of life that is constant change despite our illusion of apparent control. This is really important, an amazing result.

We have begun to question patterns of life that we took for granted and that were not even questioned before the pandemic. Working from home, for example. Who would have believed it was possible to do certain types of jobs from home? Who would have thought it possible to run certain events from home? In a very short time, everything that was halted was available again, with more flexible and extended time frames perhaps, but in a truly miraculous way in some cases. Concerts, shows, and certain types of lessons...

And what about the entire transport system? It came to such a stop that for some time we could experience clean blue skies again, streets where children could play, neighbourhoods where wild animals could wander without danger... Of course, all at the expense of our quick movement, but now we are considering a more balanced and respectful way of moving around our cities expanding green zones, creating more bike lanes and pedestrian sidewalks.

We couldn't move outside and so we started moving inside. More reading, more courses, more family sharing experiences, more online chats with groups of friends that we had lost sight of for decades. Slowing down allowed us to rediscover and re-evaluate the value of so many things we had simply forgotten.

I could go on and on with examples, but where do I want to take you with these reflections? First of all, to gratitude. Gratitude for all that this abnormal year has brought to your attention and allowed you to learn about yourself.

This crazy year has given everyone a gift: it has interrupted our frenzied race towards individual and collective annihilation and has allowed us to see many things that we had become blind to, such as the heroism of the medical staff and paramedics who do not need the billions that we pay actors and sportspeople to stay on the field against a lethal virus.

And of course, this year has also drawn out all our certainties; these fractures are continuing to work underground and they will probably produce even more dramatic collapses. But that doesn't have to scare you. We are finally freeing ourselves from patterns of evolution and growth that are destructive, unbalanced and deeply unjust. We are doing this whilst experiencing pain and suffering because we have not been able to do it in a more harmonious and gradual way. However, everything that is happening is a blessing. Understanding and accepting this will make a huge difference. And this is the second aspect of my reflection.

I want to invite you to let go of the resistance and embrace the unknown. Fighting, criticising, fumbling, reacting with anger and frustration, condemning, will not bring any benefit to your life. What exists is what should be, but your wonderful, vital and creative energy, the strength of your thoughts, the power of your emotions are the real creative tools with which to invent the future. Don't waste your resources getting caught up in current controversy and polarised sides. Elevate yourself and continue to seek the good that exists. The more you do this, the more good grows. Because this is a universal truth: what you give attention and energy to grows.

Enter the new year with your head held high. Enter the new year with confidence. Enter the new year with what you have learned about yourself and have been able to let go. Enter the new year with the certainty that no one can prevent you from loving your life and when you are animated by love, nothing can attack you, nothing can bend you and nothing can defeat you. Love is simply the highest energy there is. It is the true nature of the universal consciousness that generated you.

I wish you to enter the new year with an insatiable and deep desire for knowledge and truth because the mystery of your life, of my life, of our life, is so complex, multifaceted and grandiose that it truly deserves your time and dedication. Happy 2021, with all my heart!

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  • Annalisa 03/01/2021 8:05pm (3 years ago)

    Dear Cherie, thank you for your kind words and your reflection. Yes it is true: the full satisfaction of life comes out from being fully present in the moment with whom we love dearly and deeply. Nothing can substitute that feeling! I'm so happy for you and your beautiful family!!! May you all have a blessed 2021

  • Cherie DiNoia 03/01/2021 7:27pm (3 years ago)

    Annalisa, Thank you so much for this heart filled message. I have stopped reading so many articles and posts....for exactly the reasons you have described. They are polarized and "fighting" for something. I have gone inside and honestly have spent my favorite holiday season with just my kids, at home...sharing laughs and quality time with no stress and no outside commitments. I was able to just be with the people that matter most to me. I am so looking forward to what this year will bring!

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