How tired are you?

Tiredness is a word that tires my mind just to think of it. But these days I can't help but find it in my thoughts. My body offers me this thought, maybe because of the incredibly hot weather we are experiencing, or perhaps because of the series of unpredictable circumstances that have affected my days recently.

But as I am now used to constantly doing, I wonder what is the reason why my fatigue sometimes completely takes my breath away and at other times I can stand it better? The answer I have found is that it is all to do with a sense of completion, ending, achieving. I feel infinitely more tired when the things I do don’t seem to produce the results I want, when, despite my commitment I can't close the circle; when, instead of being able to check items off my to-do list, I find myself with the same things on it day after day.

My exhaustion is magnified by not finding the end, by not being able to depose the thought of something and consider it archived, finished, accomplished. And when this happens, my natural instinct is to insist, push and not give up. I know I am tenacious and also I’m a perfectionist, and these are not bad things in themselves, but they can become a dangerous boomerang.

Unknowingly, I often fall into something that I understand to be a human limit; I want to control and resolve everything on an intellectual, logical and rational level.

We are structurally wired to manage and resolve situations and problems, with an unconscious desire to reach an end that is impossible, because there are too many things outside our individual control and because the very nature of life is evolution. Indeed, reaching an end point is a mere illusion. Life is a fluid dance. Something that changes continuously and requires adaptation, not rigidity.

Now, my tiredness is even clearer. I increase it when I get stuck and I want to accomplish things in a precise and rigid way, not opening myself up to the possibility of letting these things come back into a natural balance. It would be enough to keep my intention focused on what I want without raging, but the logical part of me does not want to give up the bone... it longs to get the results exactly the way it envisions them.

You might say to me "What’s wrong with that? Isn't that what we learned? To have precise goals and work hard to achieve them?" That's right, it is what we learned and it's a mental structure we have to overcome because it binds us to suffering and fatigue. Having goals, or rather clear intentions, and keeping focus on them, is the simplest and most appropriate way to accomplish something, but to achieve them trying hard and suffering is not the most efficient and fulfilling route, when you could simply align your energy to them and learn to trust the process. 

In practical terms, this means knowing with absolute certainty that if you stay tuned to the vibrational frequency of your result you will be able to meet them, because you are travelling on the same road and your rendez vous is inevitable. How this encounter will occur remains a mystery to which you choose to open yourself up with fun and excitement.

What an incredible difference from the fury and the effort that usually puts you on a different path! But it is so easy to fall back into the old mechanism that we have been practicing since we were children. So, to overcome tiredness, you have to "grow up". You must learn and practice something new and different that as a species we did not even know about until a few years ago: the exercise of your energetic qualities.

This is a topic we could talk about for hours. But I will stop here, this little reflection has already given me an incredible result: it has dissipated my fatigue and restored my good humour. I hope that it has inspired in your curiosity: the curiosity to learn to use a part of yourself that is far more powerful than your logic and your rationality, a part of you that has the power to transform everything, even your tiredness!

(Pic credits Unsplash - Erik Jan Leusink)

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