Holy Days


We have got to the heart of the summer, idyllic August, the most desired month for all who work eleven full months for their next holiday.

It’s quite inevitable that, like all the things you most long for, these days will pass quickly; but now you can fully taste their flavour, don’t waste the opportunity, treat these days like little treasures, as they are.

Holidays are sacred days, originally they were in fact dedicated to worship and contemplation; in our culture they have partially lost this meaning, but you can give them back their importance and preciousness, at least for you. 

How do you do that? By choosing to let go of all the thoughts, worries and issues that weigh you down and electing instead to use these days to regain your centre and your balance.

It is quite obvious that if your holidays turn into another space to fill to capacity with things to do or people to see, this task is going to be very difficult to achieve.

But with a bit of attention and love towards yourself, this result is reachable for everyone.

Do you want to hear some small suggestions?

Be clear about what makes you feel good and don’t be afraid to ask for it, or to give it to yourself. If your body craves sleep and rest, this should be your first priority and you should commit to it, asking for the cooperation of those you love and you have around. Even your children. It's not true that children are the only ones who have desires and needs; they should understand that you have desires and needs too and you can make them responsible for helping you to achieve them. Open and gentle communication is the key for that. 

Minimise the number of choices you want to face. Constantly having to pick and choose is really tiring. Why, at least on holiday, don’t you dare to minimise or neutralise this need? Make a few choices and stick to them, letting go of the need to decide on other things. We delude ourselves in thinking that in doing more or getting more involved we are happier or we will lose opportunities if we are not ready to get involved. In reality, it is not in doing more things that we feel satisfied, it is in fully enjoying or embracing what we are doing that we are fulfilled. Less is more.

Take yourself less seriously. At least on holiday, let go of roles, labels, schemes and rules. Breathe openly and let others breathe too. Allow yourself to play, make mistakes, be ridiculous ... It's so relaxing to let go and let yourself go with playfulness.

Listen with your eyes. The magic of the holidays is that you shouldn’t have to run and when you finally walk you have more time to look at the things and people around yourself. Watch your children, their behaviours, choices and attitudes, watch your partner, ask, communicate, interact with them with pleasure and peace. We are used to living at 200 miles per hour to make everything work, but we have lost the pleasure and the curiosity of living with others.

The real holy-day is giving up doing and embracing being 100%.

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  • Roxanna 15/02/2017 1:59pm (7 years ago)

    Hi! Been reading your blog for quite some time now, thought would comment for once :)This is a good topic to write about. Being someone who took a long time to decide, it's nice to hear that you pretty much decided what you wanted in your 9th standard itself! It does take a lot of courage to take the road less trdvellea. Best of luck!!

  • Annalisa 12/08/2015 1:31pm (9 years ago)

    Different location but just the same!
    So good , peaceful and empowering, isn't it?!

  • Maite 12/08/2015 11:34am (9 years ago)

    I have just done that. Gone to the middle of nowhere in Normandy. No internet, just relaxing times in the country side, visiting castles, eating seafood and lying in the sun listing to the waves smelling the sea. So good!!! Hope you are enjoying the same.

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