Healing is a choice

Healing is a choice and I already hear some people saying, “If so, who wouldn't choose it?"

In reality, however, there are people who unknowingly choose not to heal. There are people who even consciously prefer to maintain the status and privileges that the disease guarantees them and, consequently, they prefer not to think about healing.

When do you unknowingly not heal? When you maintain a strong emotional attachment to what caused the disease in the first instance and continue to nurture this attachment with your thoughts and emotions. In most cases diseases are nothing more than physical manifestations of psychological and emotional imbalances. Strong traumas can make you sick; prolonged and chronic anxieties can make you sick; stress can make you sick.

To really heal, you should therefore focus on understanding the root of your illness or physical problem and solving that. In this case, the disease stops being nourished and disappears. However, if it scares you to look inside yourself and find out where your discomfort and pain really come from, then you choose not to heal completely; you can cure superficial symptoms and get temporary physical recovery, but if the root is not eradicated or neutralised it will still have the power to generate other imbalances and diseases.

People who choose not to heal are those for whom the disease has become an important part of their personality: they can boast it, use it to stand out and draw attention to themselves, spend it to guarantee benefits and privileges, flaunt it to guarantee looks of pity and words of commiseration. Finally, they can use the disease to manipulate others. These people are usually those who find it easy, or even necessary, to get sick to feel seen, loved and appreciated and in this way they have become dependent on the status of “being sick".

There is also another category of people who can get stuck in apparently incurable diseases. These people have somehow betrayed their conscience, they have gone beyond respecting important values; they have done acts that they are so deeply ashamed of that they cannot forgive themselves. For these people, physical illness becomes an unconscious self-punishment. A way to expiate. In this case, the person does not recover until they find peace and a new balance with their soul.

Can you see how in reality even physical healing is actually the consequence of a choice? It is choosing to understand yourself. Understanding how your personal story is impacting your health, understanding how the meanings you attribute to what happened to you are bringing your energy and personal power out of balance, understanding how you feed a belief system that takes away your esteem, strength and vital energy.

Healing is really possible, because our natural state is health. But since we take it too much for granted when it exists, we don't care about taking care of it and feeding it until we get sick.

The quantity, complexity and aggressiveness of our contemporary diseases should really be a powerful alarm bell that leads us to become curious about ourselves. This is the only way we can overcome the despair and the sense of powerlessness that diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's are sowing in our hearts. 

Healing is a choice, because it needs to be pursued, nurtured, believed and practiced with constancy, discipline and determination. You must believe that you can heal and want it in a stronger and in a more resolute way compared to choosing to be sick. Your personal power can overcome any disease; you just have to master it.

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  • Annalisa 30/09/2019 10:42pm (5 years ago)

    Dear Maite’ thank you for your important reflection. I totally agree with you when you talk about surrendering to an higher level of power to be able to heal: the power of God. What I believe though is that this power is not separate from us. We are particle of God energy and when we connect to our personal power, that is not willingness but spiritual power, we can manifest and receive the healing we ask for. As Jesus said “the Truth will make you free”

  • Maïté 30/09/2019 10:35am (5 years ago)

    A survivor myself I totally understand your reasoning. I had the same and decide that I was responsible for cancer and worked on myself, going in the dark corners, to look for the roots, because there are always various roots. Eventually, I realised that my choice and my personal introspection was not enough. I had to let go and go back to my spiritual maker, God, and ask him to heal me. Standing on my own will, there was no way I could do it. He made the difference between alive, sick and survivor. That is the ultimate step necessary for real healing.

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