Give and Take

I’ve just finished reading a beautiful book: Adam Grant’s "Give and Take: a revolutionary approach to success". This book has nourished my heart with the kind of news and confirmations that I like so much: those related to the possibility of a better world.

Grant takes a scientific approach to analyse the behavioural attitudes of the most successful people; he shows that givers are often penalised in a professional dynamic, but they are also and often among the number of the greatest and most impactful people in the world. 

Being a giver is not a synonymous with being weak. Being a giver is not a loser style and does not mean having to settle for subordinate and less impactful positions. In fact, exactly the opposite.

People interested in giving without taking in return have the power to trigger powerful virtuous circles which ultimately mean that the results they achieve are amazing. If a giver has success, all the people around them have success. Givers are interested in creating outcomes that can benefit everyone and in doing so they raise the bar; instead of taking the bigger slice of the cake they create a bigger cake for everyone.

Giving without thinking about receiving is the natural attitude of people who are not driven by lack or fear.

Giving unconditionally is the natural style of those who feel rich and absolutely confident in life and in themselves. 

This abundant mind-set is the key to helping you resonate better with success both as an individual, and also as a professional.

Nothing is better or more powerful than being serenely ready to give and to contribute without any worry, counting on your inner desire to make a difference and doing your best. 

When you believe deeply in the abundance of life and in your willingness to do your part with the resources at your disposal you are able to create a bigger world for everyone.

The best way to give is to remember that you have to give to yourself in the same way you are giving to others.

Those who are generous, but completely unbalanced can throw themselves into a crisis of exhaustion or of identity. This doesn’t happen if you remember to give time, space and energy to yourself; consider you as a fundamental element in the success of your ambition to do your best for everyone.

It is wonderful to read how many givers are influencing the world these days, at every level. This makes me euphoric, gives me enthusiasm and gives me perspective and a sense of support.

And, most importantly, it gives me the desire to give even more.

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  • Annalisa 06/05/2015 9:01am (9 years ago)

    Yes!!! The core of everything is finally seeing you for the true beauty you are, accepting what you came here to express and make possible and trusting that you are totally able to do it in a unique and marvellous way. Your way!
    I'm so grateful for your words. Thank you Maite'!

  • Maite 06/05/2015 8:40am (9 years ago)

    Confident in oneself is the key to anything. After that, anything is achievable. Absolutely right. Once we have that, we can give and give with no problem but that rooting in self confidence is paramount. The hardest bit of most though. Hence the need for coaches like you Annalisa!!!

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