Feeling Good, the Most Powerful Compass You Own

Our most common practice is to complicate our lives. 

I know this because I've done it countless times. It happened when I had to take important decisions and because I was afraid of making mistakes, I felt compelled to ask to a lot of “experts”; it happened when I was afraid of hurting other people's feelings and I preferred to hurt myself instead; it happened when following the need to be accepted or appreciated I chose to compromise my inner values and I made myself miserable for a long time... 

These are just some examples, but I'm sure you will recognise yourself in them as well. 

Your mind always guides you towards the most complicated solutions compared to what your instinct or intuition unfolds. So why are you following your mind?

Because you’re not used to questioning your beliefs, to questioning the rules that you have accepted for years, because you trust yourself much less than you trust others. 

But in reality you and I, we all possess an inner compass that never fails, and that, if we were always able to follow without any hesitation or doubt, would make our life an easy walk most (if not all) of the time. 

This compass is linked to your feelings, to what you instinctively feel about things, people, situations. When you feel good, when you do not feel any discomfort or fear, when the idea of ​​doing something excites you, when the prospect that you face intrigues and stimulates you, then you are on the right path. 

Simple, but effective. 

When you are aligned or in tune with what you are choosing you can be sure that you won’t make a mistake. No need to look for another thousand logical or rational confirmations. No need to ask for advice from ten other people. No need to look outside of yourself. 

You know instinctively what is right for you and if you learn to trust what you feel, your life can be so much easier, smoother and happier. 

If, instead of being obsessed with seeking external confirmations, you learn to listen from within, you would make far fewer errors, and you would be less tired and less stressed. 

The trick is to simply reverse the standard perspective you use all the time: stop being confused by the deafening noise of what goes on around you and create the right space to feel and listen to yourself. 

In other words: learning to know you, learning to respect you, learning to trust you and learning to love you. 

I promise: you do not need anything else to make the right decisions, to achieve your success and to be happy. 

Acknowledge within yourself what makes you feel good and rely on it. Everything will be all right.

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