It seems impossible to live without fear. Especially in recent years, with fear becoming our daily breakfast, lunch and dinner in a thousand different ways. Health, economic, energy, climate crisis… a constant crescendo of alarmism, negative tones, dramatic news. Every day another old certainty goes, something else crumbles, making you feel even more unstable, precarious, unsafe. 

But this is the world out there. How is your inner world? Are you allowing the outside world to penetrate, to affect and poison your world within, or have you finally understood how to "be in the world but not be of the world"?

Living without fear is the natural consequence of this understanding.

You live fearlessly when you finally understand who you are. When you understand the true rules of the game of this existence and how to fully interpret your role in the theatre of everyday situations and experiences. Then fear ceases to interest you as an experience, because you consider it a hindrance and a slowdown, a distraction. You no longer have time to be afraid.

You understand that fear is dear to your ego, which uses it as a justification to keep you still, not to expose yourself and to risk being judged and criticised, or worse, rejected and excluded. It is only a functional tool for the state of consciousness. But when your state of consciousness expands or widens, it is no longer an interesting or necessary tool.

Only if you believe you are a victim of what happens to you do you become fearful, because you think you have no control, you are powerless in the face of what happens. But when you understand that your experiences are a direct consequence of your mental and emotional state and consequently you learn to master them, you understand that fear is just a choice you can avoid making.

Your maximum power is only expressed and manifested when you are completely at peace with yourself. When you become imperturbable. The greatest strength you can draw on in any situation and at any time is balance.

Why am I telling you all this now? Because I want you not to forget, even for a moment, that you absolutely have the ability to face EVERYTHING and this ability does not depend at all on your money, relationships, influence or the ability to control external factors. This ability only depends on the expansion of your consciousness and this possibility exists for each and every one of us. 

So don't waste your time and resources looking for solutions to defend and protect yourself from everything happening outside of you. Go inside, explore within, understand the difference between your personality and your identity. Let go of any attachment to your wounds, understand the nature and power of consciousness, which is all you are, and you will soon understand that it is entirely possible to live without fear. Not only that, it is such a satisfying, full, complete, exciting experience that you will wonder why you didn’t embrace it before.

(Pic credited Guille Pozzi - Unsplash) 

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  • Carly 30/09/2022 1:13pm (19 months ago)

    A Beautiful Reminder. Thank you

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