Everything is going To Be Okay

Do you remember when your mum used to pick you up from the ground with skinned knees, a runny nose and salty tears? 

She would hug you and whisper "It's okay, everything is going to be okay ...", holding and soothing you. 

That phrase was magical.

"It's okay" re-established order in the drama, calmed the rhythm of your heartbeat rushed by the loss of control and pain. It was a sentence calling for peace. 

"Everything is going to be okay," is such a powerful and authoritative statement that in my life it has appeared at the right time, through the voices of different people, who have been able to bring back hope and order in the darkness I was going through. 

I remembered once when I was teared apart from my desire of leaving a painful relationship and the fear of all the consequences I could put in motion with that decision. I was so confused and full of doubts  but the balsam of those words said to me by my closest friend soothed my soul and inspired my courage. 

"It's okay" said by the person you trust the most has the magical power to really begin to change things for you.  

If you fully accept and have faith in the content of these words they can carry your body, your mind and your heart immediately outside the state of stress that you are experiencing at that moment

Why, then, not to try to use this affirmation by yourself, believing into it it firmly? Use it when you seem to slip out of control, or, when you feel that the situation rolls off in a direction you do not want. 

"Everything is going to be okay" will have the power to bring back clarity and to slow down your heartbeat. 

Do you know why it works? Because this sentence is an epitome of positivity, strength and confidence. If you believe it has the power to move your attention away from problems to solutions, and you immediately have the capacity to react.

It will offer you the strength to clean your knees, stand up and start over again. 

"It's okay" says loud and clear that you're back in the saddle. 

But its deeper value is in the fact that it is a statement full of love for yourself: in saying so you are acknowledging your power of reacting, you understand subconsciously that you own a secret strenght and you're tapping into it.  

This is why it truly works: because you come back to yourself, without listening to any external interference anymore and you dare to be confident and trustful in someone that is bigger than anything else: You!

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