Observing and studying the unfolding international crisis, I realise more and more how much the choices that the politicians and states-people are making are without a future, since there is no future behind them. There is no truth or logic anywhere in what is going on. I can only see the painful attempt to continue feeding results that will take ALL OF US further down into misery and despair. 

The Ukrainian situation is a Trojan horse, another occasion created ad hoc to perpetuate the usual power game that creates ever more fragmentation and division, the rise of anger and hatred and the spread and deepening of fear.

Putin, Zelenskyy, Biden, NATO are the main stars of this drama and they do not care at all for the health and protection of anyone. They are at best interpreting their roles as egoic and destructive forces that triumph thanks to the misery in which they keep us. 

The more this story gets twisted and complicated, the more it will become clear that we, citizens of any country, will only be losers. we will lose our lives, as our poor Ukrainian and Russian brothers and sisters are doing, or we will lose our freedom to move, or we will start to lose the resources to feed our children or warm our homes. What do you think the retaliation they are implementing in this tug-of-war between Russia and the West will soon produce? Some resources will disappear, others will become even more expensive, and we will pay the price, each on our head, while the bankers who place bets in the trading rooms become even richer, as do the producers of scarce resources and the holders of the raw materials. 

Because this is exactly the result they want to create.

Two years of a hysterical pandemic were not enough to subdue our spirit and love for life. This wonderful human being has repeatedly found the strength to create solutions, open glimpses of hope and heaven, invent solutions, of hope and of rebirth.

And so it became necessary to create an even greater fear: war! This word, which long ago vanished from the collective imagination of the West, has now knocked on our doors again to frighten us and we are falling into this trap crafted to pollute and break our thoughts and emotions.


How do you stop a game you don't like? Leave the gaming table, show your dissent, do not participate anymore. Let’s take our energy, our lifeblood, out of this collective madness. Let's take it apart. Let’s use our creative power in a conscious and different way. At this stage it is no longer a question of taking sides for good against evil because what we see is ONLY evil! There can be no good in those who amplify hatred and division. We will probably never understand the real reasons that led to the conflict, because there are no real reasons, there are only prejudices, justifications and interests.

But, by taking sides, or through our fears, we contribute unconsciously to fuelling this perverse game. We, the PEOPLE of the WORLD, do not want, do not need, do not choose this power game. We want and choose a different path; we choose PEACE. And we must shout it loudly.

This is what we must begin to choose in our thoughts, in our words and in our actions. Not fear, not anger, not division, not criticism, not hatred.

Let's stop looking for the truth where it doesn't exist. We are getting involved in yet another giant-sized lie. Let's not give our energy to this discussion. Let's take a stand for PEACE. Our elected representatives don't even know what this word is because they don't have this agenda. We cannot expect anything from them, but we must necessarily stop following them in this race towards destruction. May PEACE become our dominant thought, our obsession; and let it instruct and inspire our words and gestures at all times. We can make this word and this energy live wherever we are and in all the ways we want; just let it speak through us.

A few years ago, Marianne Williamson said that if there were more female heads of state, war would soon disappear as a concept from the world, because woman is an instrument of life, not of death. This thought hit my core and stayed there. But now I know we don't need female heads of state to stop the war. It would be enough for all the wives, all the mothers, all the sisters who understand the value of life to take to the streets together now, throughout Europe and America, and to simply say  "Enough! We are peace. We are life. And we choose peace and life for all our our brothers, sisters, and our partners”.

(Pic courtesy Tamara Menzi for Unsplash)

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