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Enough of This

I know that what I’m going to tell you will be tough to hear. 

I know as well that you will start to feel scared and guilty. But when you have started to feel completely disconnected and disengaged from your life, when you are burned out, exhausted and desperate, you have the right to say “enough of this”

You have the right to say enough to the things, the situations and the people that are trapping you. 

You have to find the courage to choose serenity instead of desperation. 

You have to stop thinking that what you have is inevitable and unchangeable.

You have to stop thinking that you reached a dead end and you will die there.  

You have to get your clarity back and begin making decisions with yourself in mind again. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and unhappy you are not alone: it is actually quite common to experience that at least once in your life. 

You might feel like you are in the wrong place or with the wrong person or in the wrong career…

The reason this is happening is because, at a certain point, you gave up on what brings you joy and chose instead a sense of security, or a need to please someone else. You stopped making decisions for yourself and you gave your power up to someone external to you. It could be that you did so driven by love or because you trusted someone else more than yourself.

You did it once, then you did it again, and then again and again till you lost count of the number of times you did so.

But without even realising it, giving away your power has totally disempowered you, made you feel sad and unfulfilled.

Now you feel powerless and useless and you suffer every time you have to behave in a manner appropriate to the expectations you have created around yourself.

Can you understand why I know these feelings so well? Because I personally experienced all of them. There was a time when I was felt so powerless and so desperate I couldn’t see any way to escape. 

My life lost any taste to me. I was merely surviving. What a terrible feeling!

This is why I want to tell you that if you are experiencing similar feelings, the solution exists: you have to say “enough of this” and choose yourself again.

This means stepping back, admitting you were wrong and asking for your own forgiveness as well as that of other people. 

You were wrong because you forgot who you are and you chose to be someone you are not.

You can hide and mask your true identity for your entire life if you wish, but the bill you will pay for this is very high: you can’t be truly happy that way. 

You are allowed to say “enough of this" and  you should start over if you really want to honour the gift of life you have received.

Not being yourself is the worst thing you can give to those you love, and it hurts you so deeply.

Start to listen to yourself again, start to love yourself again, start to respect yourself again.  

It is easy to understand when you are doing this because you are happy. You fully enjoy what you are living with no regret whatsoever. 

It’s as simple as that… 

But I understand that taking this step could be very difficult and so I want to tell you to ask for help: ask for support to get your clarity and your decision making ability back.

With the right person on your side this challenge will appear so much more achievable. 


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