Do you have a personal kit?

Sometimes we really need to hold onto something because the knock we have received has been so strong it has left us completely dazed and confused.

Sometimes the load we have on our shoulders is so heavy that we are left breathless.

Sometimes what we deeply desire is just a confirmation, an approval that helps us to stay on track, despite everything.

I have discovered a wonderful way to have these things handy when needed.

That is to write what is important to me, why I am not giving in, what I think is worth living for.

Writing these things down has clarified them in my eyes and in my heart.

Reading them renews the sense of being in the right place in my life, despite setbacks.

Reminding myself of them fills my heart with a burst of energy and a new enthusiasm for who I am and what I want to accomplish.

They are my anchor, my light, the shiver down my spine ...

The British call it the "personal manifesto", I like to call it my "personal kit".

This is what has meaning and value to me:

-  putting my heart into everything I do;

-  smiling at anyone I meet;

-  spending time on the things that make me feel good every day;

-  discovering at least one positive aspect in everything that happens to me;

-  resolving tensions and resentments immediately, because I don’t want to carry this load on my shoulders;

-  giving something of myself to someone else every day;

-  saying I love you to those I love, at least once a day;

-  laughing and playing, often;

-  reading and learning at least one new thing a year;

-  creating space and time for people, because they are the juice and the gems of my life;

-  being curious, not stopping at the surface, being surprised;

-  traveling anywhere, anyhow, because every trip for me is fun, reflection and a discovery of something;

-  music, lots of music, I want a soundtrack for every emotion;

-  taking care of myself, I know what I love and what makes me feel good and I want to have constantly;

-  accepting that if I’m not able to do something well there are people who can do it better than me; learning to ask for help;

-  making decisions based on what makes me feel good and is aligned with my values, even if that  is different from what everyone else thinks;

-  knowing that I can overcome everything, I own the right resources, I just have to find my way;

-  sometimes the best decision is doing nothing, not even thinking, just lying down, closing my eyes and breathing; feeling life flowing inside me and expressing my gratitude for that.

This works for me, why don’t you try to see if it works for you too?

Discover and write what owns a special value for you and then follow it with trust, integrity and enthusiasm and... Let me know how that makes you feel!

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