Disentangling the knots of your life

There is one thing that we all do that we are all profoundly unaware of. But this thing completely slows down and messes up our lives. It is called resistance.

What are we resisting? – The experience of life itself.

How do we resist? – With our emotional addictions and our beliefs.

A few of us have already understood (but many will begin to understand this more and more) that the Universal Consciousness is the strength and essence that manifests itself through us and through our physical form. The personality is just a “personal” expression of this. This Consciousness is a marvellous and fantastic force that KNOWS.

It knows why you are here, it knows why you are who you are, it knows why you face what you face. The more you reject an experience, judging it negatively, being afraid, feeling aversion to it, the more you generate friction and resistance and you hold it back unconsciously, making it into the "problem".

"I hate this job"; "my partner does not understand me"; "my children are impossible to manage"; "life has become hell"; "everyone criticises me"; "I never feel like I am enough" etc… These are all forms of resistance that keep you holding onto the same kind of experience. The more you get wrapped up in this energy, the harder it becomes to figure it out.

What can help you eliminate resistance? – Comprehension.

The first level requires the understanding that nothing that happens to you is random; everything is "causal", that is, it was created by you because it is how your higher consciousness helps you evolve. So, in other words, it belongs to you. Obviously the level of complexity and effort changes, becoming lighter, the more your understanding of this mechanism grows and widens. But if you simply start asking yourself "why do I hate this job and stay in it?" or "why did I choose/accept this job?" then you allow yourself to loosen your resistance and begin to read between the lines. 

There is a very personal reason behind everything... for example, you suffer from this situation because you are scared of the consequences of economic insecurity, you are not confident enough in yourself, you do not feel capable enough... these are your beliefs and attachments. These are the real knots to be untied and the superficial issue you are dealing with (the difficult job) is simply making you see them unequivocally. Nothing happens by chance. Everything reflects back to you something that you have to see, comprehend and resolve in yourself.

When you really begin to intuit and believe in this perspective, you stop resisting and allow yourself to explore and understand. In this, your energy changes completely and this in itself has the power to fuel the transformation that you unconsciously desire.

The next step to achieving it, however, is action. 

This action can be radical – "I will leave the job I hate because now that I understand the reason why I stayed, I don't need to do so anymore". Or, it can be profound "I understand why I hate this job because I hate the way I don't make myself respected. I will change and transform my attitude and live this work experience in a completely different way". In both cases, your pro-activity and the sense of responsibility that you are personally assuming has the power to dissolve the resistance and resolve the "apparent problem". This problem is "apparent" because, having reached this level of consciousness, you really understand clearly that what you were resisting was only an opportunity for your Consciousness to grow beyond its limits.

I am fascinated by the perfection of this mechanism and how it really works for everyone. Through my work, I am daily witnessing how understanding the reasoning behind the knots makes their undoing immediate. 

But if you continue to see only the knots, you risk your life being strangled by them...

(pic credits Miguel Amutio - Unsplash)

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  • Cherie G. DiNoia 30/03/2021 11:35am (23 months ago)

    Such beautiful thoughts. Simple and profound. Thank you for your guiding light Annalisa!

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