Daydreams: the best food for your mind

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” - A. Einstein

Who in the grown up world has ever told you so??? 

But what it is condensed in this beautiful statement of Mr Einstein it is so true!

Images are the bread of the subconscious mind: images are the best way to communicate with it. 

Which is the easiest way to learn? Have you ever noticed it? It is by looking at someone and mirroring what he or she does. This is the way you have learnt the most of the processes and behaviours you currently use: copying someone else, getting an image of the outcome and trying to replicate it. 

Through the images you efficiently and directly impress in your subconscious mind what you want to achieve, i.e., the result. 

So when you want to achieve something, daydream the most you can!  

Use your imagination and visualise yourself in the place/situation/outcome you want to be and play with these images, reinforce them and feel in your body the bubbles of excitement that the images are giving you. 

Identify yourself with what you see. Taste the great feeling of achieving what you desire to get and remember this feeling inside yourself.

Daydreaming enhance the quality of your energy, moves you to an higher frequency and usually push you to take action, to move in the direction of your dreams. 

The “feeling good factor” induced by daydreaming is so important if you wish to manifest something in your life because "feeling good" is the right frequency to connect with your desires and make them coming closer to you (in the quantum world we live in, everything follows magnetic and energetic laws and things/thoughts that vibrate on the same frequency attract each others).

The new mantra for you should be : “more daydreams and less worries”. If you embrace it you will immediately start to feel better and to achieve more. Worries are in their essence just negative daydreams, so why choosing them instead of what makes you feel great?!

None wants to get more worries in his life, but this is what you are creating when you are putting your attention on them. Remember that your subconscious mind brings you what you are focusing on, so choose daydreams instead!