Daring More

"Daring More" ... I don’t know why but these words have been resonating in me for a few days like a mantra…

Maybe because there are so many things around me that don’t really matter, but still I let them float through my life without the courage to cut the bond. I know very well that wherever I allow anything or anyone to be in my life, I’m giving it the power to absorb part of my energy and time … And this is a risky concession. 

Daring more is easier when you realize how little value so many details have, details that you are affected by every day. Daring more becomes even easier when you stop listening to the cacophony of voices and sounds around you.

I've come this far. I know I have. But what am I missing then to do the extra mile towards more freedom? I should probably let go of my emotional attachment to some things and situations, let go of the emotional comfort of knowing exactly what I own, and let go of the mental laziness related to the effort of doing additional “cleaning”in my life. 

Yet the desire for a simplified and lighter life keeps growing in my heart and I know I’m ready to dissolve my other moorings ... I’m noticing so many things at this stage of my life and I realize how naked and scared we feel without the armor of things built around ourselves. 

But that same armor is what prevents us from moving, what makes us clumsy and elephantine. Glued to the ground.

We do not need armor to fly. We need wings. We need to dare more. We need to be different from the images and the needs that the mirrors and the screens of this world are reflecting at us. 

If I close my eyes I see better.

If I close my eyes I stop being blinded and I see what really has a value for me.

There are not many things that really have value, and they are all priceless because they are life experiences, not objects.

I’m hungry for life. For new encounters. For experiences with people. For sharing of values. I’m hungry for time spent in nature. I’m hungry for endless heart to heart talks with like-minded people while we sit on the sand.

How wonderful to come back as I did, inside myself, to return to hear and listen to all of this. I am grateful and happy, but now I know, there is this urgency for “daring more”… And I want to let it be.

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  • annalisa 04/12/2015 8:42pm (8 years ago)

    Thank you for your nice comment Ana.

  • Ana Corvalan 04/12/2015 7:06pm (8 years ago)

    Very inspirational Annalisa. Thank you!!

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