Curiosity is your best friend

Life is a fantastic learning experience and one of the most useful qualities you can own is 'curiosity'. If you're curious boredom simply disappears from your life because you always find something with which to stimulate your attention. You can find it in what you read, the people you meet and the places you visit. 

Curiosity makes you feel alive because it prevents you from settling for what you have and puts you in motion constantly. 

I’ve always been very curious, and this feature has filled my life with priceless experiences and emotions. 

Curiosity led me to learn to read before I even started school, curiosity in my teens prompted me to explore mysticism and Eastern religions, to establish contacts and correspondence with “pen friends" from abroad to understand their lives and their experiences, to measure myself with humanitarian challenges and study courses of all kinds. In my adult life, curiosity pushed me to not settle in one specific professional role, but to continue to grow, learn and become ... 

Every little bit of this kaleidoscopic curiosity has helped to build the person I am and I'm really proud of this.

The two most beautiful gifts my curiosity has offered me are: the chance to develop my innate sense of freedom to its full strength and flexibility to adapt to change, whenever necessary, or whenever I want to. 

My educational experience and my family didn’t provide me with these qualities. I grew up in a family environment and cultural heritage of clear rules and principles and it would have been easy, indeed it was expected of me to conform to them. 

My curiosity prevented it. It constantly sent me outside of my comfort zone and asked me to have confidence in me and to dare. 

I love my insatiable curiosity, even today I cherish and cultivate it with passion and dedication in all areas of my life. 

Maybe that 's why I still feel as full of energy as a young child ...

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