Blessing your life

There is something vitally important that too few people still understand. The words you use are energy that you put into movement and every expression of energy that belongs to you determines the vibration through which you experience. It's easy enough to explain this using the analogy of tuning the radio to different stations. When you choose a station and tune into its bandwidth, you can only listen to the music of that station, even if there are hundreds of other stations. You do the same with your thoughts (which are energy), your words (which are energy) and your actions (which are energy); through these expressions of yourself you unconsciously tune into bands of similar frequencies. When you continue to emphasise ailments, anxieties, worries, when you incessantly repeat criticisms and negative judgments, when you let yourself be carried away by emotions of frustration, anger and disappointment, you do nothing but amplify your attachment and resonance with those tunes. Your vocalisation keeps you on that station.

To change experience you have to change frequency

How do you do it? You can act on two different levels: either change the thoughts and beliefs that direct your words (we tend to be consistent, our words express how we think), or change your sensations (our words express how we feel), then do something that changes your emotional state (act differently). Words are the expressions of what you think (mind) and what you feel (body), so they condense your perception into a vocal vibration. Is it necessary to verbalise to resonate on a certain frequency? No. In reality your mental/emotional state is already a vibration that hooks you to a certain bandwidth. But words amplify and strengthen this connection. Unfortunately you may also have involuntarily learned to use very emphatic and exaggerated language to describe how you feel, because emphasis captures the attention of others better, and so it is natural to use expressions such as "this relationship is killing me", "this job is poisoning my life”. In doing so, you are not understanding that the subconscious words are instructions and commands and the more you repeat them the more you sabotage your life.

Learn to listen while you express yourself and begin to correct this tendency. You can use less dramatic and less emphatic terms to describe how you feel and you can also become more autonomous in choosing your state of mind. You have learned to react to what happens to you and you can instead learn to choose how to respond to what happens to you. In the first case you simply let yourself be captured by the vibration of the situation and enter it completely (you respond to a provocation with the same energy); in the second case, you consider what state of mind you want to stay in and choose a reaction that allows you to stay there. It's not easy, but I guarantee you the results are surprising, because you gradually realise how life in this way begins to resemble your desires more and more, because you shape it through your energy and not through your reactions.

The next step is an even more definite choice. When you have finally experienced the power of resonance and you realise how it allows you to completely change the quality of your experience, you begin to consciously choose only thoughts, words and emotional states that allow you to generally be in tune with your well-being. The simplest example is the state of gratitude. In gratitude you express a very high and expansive vibration that naturally connects you to experiences of abundance and fullness on the same frequency. Obviously, this must be an authentic state and not an artificial or constructed one. You know when you get there because you have an instinctive desire to bless everything and everyone. There is no more friction or resistance; your every experience is seen as a gift. And the more you bless, the more you receive.

Does this mean you will only ever receive positive experiences? Absolutely not. Life in duality involves a whole range of different nuances of experiences that are intended to help you expand your awareness and wisdom, so you will continue to have the full range of human experiences, but the way you read and value them will be completely different and nothing will have power over you anymore.

(Pic courtesy Unspalsh - Denys Amaro)

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