"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Mahatma Gandhi pronounced these words more than 70 years ago, but the full power of this magic formula has only become clear to me through a deeper understanding of the quantum universe.

When you embrace the energetic nature of the universe, you understand that everything is vibration, every vibration has its own frequency and only the resonance with another frequency allows you to experience the same vibration. You cannot experience peace if you are not peace yourself. You cannot experience joy if you are not joy yourself, you cannot experience balance if you are not balance yourself.

It is like selecting a TV channel. You cannot watch BBC on the CNN broadcasting frequency. You cannot create and establish peace with an aggressive revolution or with criticism and opposition because these are not the vibrations of peace. You cannot create balance if you are taking a side because you are supporting polarisation.

But then, how do you get out of the current chaos if you cannot "push against" everything that is wrong, that you don't like and that you would like to be different?

You must embrace and transform it. Do you remember the parable of the "prodigal son"? When I first heard this story, the father’s behaviour, giving more value to the rebellious and unfortunate son who returns to him, instead of the one who has always respected and loved him, I was irritated. First, he lets him go without judging and chasing him, continuing to take care of his business without holding a grudge, then he welcomes him back, gives him clothes and celebrates him with an expensive party. It seemed to me that this was an act of weakness, a blatant injustice. Instead, it is the key to understanding how judging and taking a stance against him could only perpetuate their separation.

You must be love to experience love. You must continue to believe in love, despite everything outside that seems to scream the opposite, to create love.

Have you noticed the masterful coincidence of this image with the historical moment we are experiencing?

We are immersed in increasingly extreme situations that are challenging our ability to avoid the trap of polarisation and separation. The circumstances, the situations, are making us experience the feeling of losing everything: quality of life, freedom of movement, the possibility of socialising, our benefits and even our constitutional freedom. It is like being locked in a room that is getting smaller and smaller and you want to scream in anger and desperation.

But if you do so, you lose. You lose because you get stuck in the vibration of anger and fear. Your most powerful act of freedom is to tune into something else. Expand your consciousness and become bigger than the room, to the point where you no longer realise the room exists.

Don't focus on what they are taking away from you, create what you want. Don't accept becoming smaller and don’t compromise yourself. Invent and expand. You will not be able to do what you did before, so do new things. You can move while you are standing still if you create a movement of opinion that goes beyond barriers. You can do a lot from where you are. Just be what you want to experience. Cultivate that vibration, give it your voice, interpret it, live it, represent it, manifest it.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world” and embrace those who seem to be taking away your freedom to go anywhere you want to go because in reality they are creating the opportunity for you to be anywhere.

(pic credits Vonecia Carswell - Unsplash)

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