As Within so Without

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when someone’s words that you're reading or listening give you a feeling of truth?

It is like recognising something you always knew but you were unable to define by your own. The messenger is opening the windows and he is letting in the light; so you can finally see the truth clearly. 

The latest ray of light was offered me some days ago through the words of James Dea, a “peace builder", as he defines himself.

“As within so without " it is really a powerful concept: if in your heart you are anxious, aggressive, responsive, argumentative, what you broadcast will mirror this frequency and influence negatively your environment. This happens because the vibrational energy you produce moves in a continuum and you are physically able to "mark energetically" the space that surrounds you. So anyone owns an individual degree of responsibility in influencing the world. 

But there is more: Mr Dea clearly explained how my energy is powerfully reflected back on me if I do not learn to rebalance and neutralise what I’m emitting. 

That is the basic understanding behind of all the Oriental philosophies and martial arts like the Aikido.

Learn to read your enemy as if they are you; do not offer them the leverage of your energy because they will send it back to you amplified. Learn to neutralise yourself. Learn to be balanced before reacting.

How many times in your day do things get out of hand and you contribute to creating an escalation of anger and discussion that usually ends with resentment and retaliation that can last for weeks or months?

You must learn to defuse yourself. YOU, not others. Because if you defuse yourself, you are able to defuse them too.

Inside of me I've always sensed that, but until now no one explained so clearly. I just thought that avoiding reacting sometimes would make things easier for everyone.

In reality it is not the avoidance of reaction that makes the magic; it is letting go of the issue, detaching, not feeling emotionally involved.

To achieve this mastery and wisdom you should start to develop a higher degree of self-knowledge: you need to know what triggers you and why. You have to discover and heal your inner vulnerabilities. Because external events and people ONLY have the power to hurt you if you give them this power. 

If you are in balance with yourself there is nothing that can trigger you.   

If you are balanced no one can attack you. 

If you are balanced you are stronger than anything else.

So it looks really wise to start healing your inner vulerabilities to solve your outside problems...