Are You Sexy?

I’m sure I’ve got your attention by using the “sexy” word… However, “being sexy” is not something that many recognise easily in themselves.

The dictionary definition of “being sexy”is to be seductive, desirable, alluring, inviting, tempting and provocative, but I like the idea of refusing to constrain that meaning to a mere physical expression of “being sexually attractive”. I want to consider it from a wider perspective.

For me, a sexy person is someone who captures my attention, someone who makes a statement simply through his or her own presence. Someone that you can’t ignore because through their body, their moves, how or what they say, they leave such a specific and unique signature that they cannot go unnoticed.

A sexy person for me is intriguing, spontaneous and alive.

And I mean both physically and mentally.

A sexy person is someone you want to be around, because their energy catches you.

To me “being sexy” goes beyond the physical appearance. It is a unique combination of passion, authenticity, awareness of your inner identity and qualities, an innate sense of manifestation and expression of desire. 

A sexy person is never embarrassed by being noticed, feeling different or being recognised.

You are sexy when you know who you are and you are not afraid to show it to the world. You are happy with yourself and happy to express yourself fully for who you are.

When you are sexy in this way you are able to magnetise the attention of the world on you without a conscious effort and many things naturally become easier for you. 

“Being sexy” means knowing who you are intimately, being at peace with that and imprinting the world with your beauty, your joy and your aliveness without any limit or mask.

In a few words: it is to shine in your authenticity and uniqueness.  

What do you think: are you sexy?