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Action: Your Power in Motion

We’ve got there! We have finally arrived at the last super-power: Action!

Action is the strongest power of them all because it is through your actions that you can really make your dreams come true.

“Action is the foundational key to every success” Pablo Picasso.

“An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

It is through action that you develop all the steps to move you from where you are - the vision, to where you want to be - the realization of your vision.

Without action the dream will remain an idea in your mind. Actions add layers of reality to your dream, allowing it to become something you truly experience.

Every achievement in a person’s life is attained through a physical action; this is probably the reason we have a body and five senses: so we can experience our dreams through our body. 

You cannot expect to manifest what you wish for if you do not move towards it through your decisions and actions. 

This whole process is meant to be fun: you imagine something, you check your intentions towards it, you start to focus your attention on the idea, you make decisions concerning it and then, a few orchestrated actions later, you have created it. As simple as that. 

So why it is so difficult to achieve what you dream about? 

Because you are not clear about your intentions, because you are confused about your attention, because you feel reluctant to make decisions, because your actions are weak and/or disorganized...  

At a certain point in your life making new decisions and taking action becomes so tiring and so difficult because you are overwhelmed with the quantity of decisions and actions you have already made with mixed results, and because you feel trapped inside the many beliefs and roles you are already playing... So you prefer to give up on your dreams because the whole process of getting there seems so out of reach... 

In doing so you start to feel frustrated and unhappy because your motivation is fueled by your aspirations, not by your achievements.

How do you get out of this trap? 

Create a space inside yourself. Go back to square one, back to your first power: FINDING CLARITY REGARDING YOUR INTENTIONS.

What are the reasons for doing what you’re doing? Are these reasons really moving you in the direction you want to go? Are they still working for you? 

I went back to square one myself. At a certain point in my life I was stuck, I felt such a distance between me and my dreams, but taking additional action seemed so painful and ineffectual that instead of making more decisions, I stopped. I distanced myself from the weight of a lot of actions and beliefs that didn’t feel true to me any more. 

And I learnt: first create space. Second re-define your intentions. Then you will discover that you have energy and time left to focus your attention in a different way, and you will once again feel enthusiasm to make new decisions and to put in motion the appropriate actions to reach your targets. 

Taking action IS FUN when you feel that through the experiences you are creating you are truly expressing yourself; the process itself is fulfilling, independent of the final outcomes.

So if you are currently feeling under pressure or too tired to act, just stop and consider creating some clarity. I can help you with that: through constant exercise I have become a master of “deep cleaning”!