A single thought can change the direction of your life

There are days when my perception and understanding of the patterns of this life are so clear that I want to scream at everyone in the world “wake up!!!!” so they stop whatever they are doing, their hearts pounding. I know most would probably respond with a grunt at first, but the moment they could see what I see they couldn't help but light up with joy.

Many of us live in the prison of the projections of our own minds and day after day we continue to feed our experiences with the fears in our thoughts. These people have not yet understood the nature of the creative process and have not yet understood the enormous individual power they possess.

Each person is a “creative possibility”. We are individualised because this is a very specific and particular form of experience. We represent drops of creative power and we can choose to express that power through our individual characteristics. We didn't come here to look like anyone else, much less to conform. We are here to express, enhance and channel our creative power in billions of different ways.

And everything comes from thought. Thought is the seed through which creative energy begins to take shape. Everything on which we concentrate our thoughts, our attention and our emotions becomes increasingly concrete and dense simply due to the time and energy we dedicate to it. Everything takes shape and solidity if we fuel it with obsessive thoughts. This is why fears, which are obsessive and emotionally charged thoughts, usually manifest themselves and become confirmations: we experience our fears because we nourish them and make them "real".

We continually create what we focus on. This applies to everyone. If you want to change the quality of your experiences, you have to change the thoughts in your head, the beliefs you keep telling yourself and the mental loops that inform your habits. It all starts from there. Such habits of thought are things you have accepted and learned uncritically.

The experiences you have had, the people who educated you, or with whom you interacted, have "informed" you; they have given you a shape, they have influenced the personality you have developed. But now you have grown up you can choose differently. You can choose which information to hold onto and which to let go, which new information to seek and collect to give "shape" to yourself.

All it takes is a single different thought about yourself, or about the meaning you attach to something, to completely change the trajectory of your life.

Try to reflect and you will see that this has already happened to you. Try to remember a meeting, a book, a film, a situation that completely changed your way of perceiving and interpreting something and consider what happened next, what possibilities this change opened up for you.

Why do I keep returning to these concepts that I have already shared with you before? Because anxiety, depression, fear are becoming endemic, more accepted and natural. And they are spreading. Do not accept these thought forms. Do not enter this collective psychosis. Do not fall for the deception that because they are real experiences for some they must be real for you too.

You create the quality of your experience in physical reality through your thoughts and emotions.

This is not wishful thinking; it is the fundamental law of the universe. Everything is creative consciousness. And you are an infinitesimal but powerful part of this.

If something afflicts you and affects you negatively, the time has come to deconstruct and abandon that attitude and create a new and more effective one for yourself. You can live in peace in a war-torn world and, above all, you can represent and manifest that peace so that others can be inspired to make the same choice.

(pic credits Fran for Unsplash)

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