A New World?

Never before has the power of the individual to influence the community and society been so huge.

Technology is egalitarian: you can have a brilliant idea and make it go "viral " in a few hours. You can be a "nobody" until a few minutes before and become the man or woman everyone is talking about in just a matter of days thanks to “likes”.

The web is a constant source of ideas for expansion: people invent activities and services that never existed before, freelancers find a way to support themselves by joining in communities that are called "haves", private individuals sell on Ebay, artisans and creative do it through Etsy...

We are witnessing the disappearance of intermediaries: advertising is done through social media, marketing too. Virtual currencies like Bitcoin, that are beyond the control of any Central Bank, are becoming real methods of payment.

The rampant imagination and creativity of the single is on the rise.

There is a silent, peaceful, unstoppable revolution now in place.

The world is global but it has become a place where even if you're small, you are visible.

What do you need then to enter fully into the flow of what is happening and become part of it?

I think that the basic skills required are flexibility, imagination, creativity, passion and vision.

The more you are able to be visionary and think of what others cannot yet see, the more you are able to be creative and offer solutions that do not yet exist, the more you are able to be passionate and convince people to follow you, the more you are able to be imaginative and imagine how to create a useful service for the community, the more you have a chance to succeed, no matter who you are or what you've done so far.

We are creating a new model of development and growth that bypasses the old “corporate” model we grew up with.

But there is an additional element that is key to your success in this new environment: the "Tribe".

Having a tribe is the new must. The tribe is essential to support you and to increase your visibility and you have to learn to lead, to be social, to develop your natural instinct to “group”. You have to learn to rely on others, build synergies, create networks and trust.

Don’t you think that this so interesting and so beautiful? After years selfishly spent growing up in our own backyard we are again opening up to the idea of sharing our vision.

Let’s not waste this opportunity: don’t just make videos and songs that become “viral”, make the meaning of life “viral” too.

Let’s share and create tribes and communities around the core values ​​of existence.

Let’s expose ourselves to what matters, not just to what is “cool”.

We have gained enormous power, me, you, everyone. It would be such a waste using it just to replicate the old results of greed and control that lead us to where we are.

Let's envision and evolve into a more respectful, fair and balanced way of life. 

I believe so much in what I'm telling you that I want to start with me.

I have created a Facebook  page where I'm sharing contents to help people thinking in a more independent and creative way, contents that inspire and help to search for more.

It is the beginning of a small tribe of like-minded people. 

We resonate on enthusiasm, passion for life, quest for purpose and contribution, love for every living being on Earth.

If you resonate with that, join me and invite your friends to join too

But please remember: I'm not hunting for "like", I want your curiosity, your passion and your engagement. 


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