2020 - Growing Up

Yesterday I was walking in the sun, kissed by the beauty of a bright and shiny day, and I wondered what I could wish for, what I should wish for the new year already upon us...

And without too much effort an idea landed in my heart. The most beautiful thing I can wish for myself and for everyone is the ability to grow up. This is not simply a matter of getting older.

What I understand well is that growing up has to do with overcoming our addictions, our worries and limitations, our fears. We are all limited by what we fear facing, whether this is insecurities, traumas, abandonments, violence, diseases or dramas.

Growing up involves a great change of perspective. It means growing beyond the borders of our egos, allowing ourselves to stop identifying with this criteria and returning to connection with the true nature of our beings. Our true self is immensely more powerful than the ego and not understanding this keeps us small, needy, dependent.

We have lived for centuries in the paradox of considering ourselves human beings with a conscience, but now that we finally understand that we are a consciousness with a body, we are regaining possession of a greatness that has always belonged to us. Our consciousness has no limits; indeed it has a power and greatness that is difficult to imagine using only the intellect.

We are entering a revolutionary era, where everything that was habitual will give way to a new understanding, to new perceptions, to a new knowledge and to an evolution of models, structures and organisations; this revolution may be greater than the Renaissance. Growing up isn't just a wish; it's a necessity. If we do not grow we will be excluded from what is already universally in motion.

2020 is a wonderful gate. Numerically it reflects enormous potential and I am sure this potential will not remain unexpressed. I expect wonders from my 2020 and I am ready and eager to do my part to make it a year full of meaning and value for my life.

This is what I wish for you too! With all my heart.

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