2017, let's make it different!

The old 2016 with its sweet and savoury flavours is running towards a young 2017 that waits at the end of the road. In just a few days we will turn into a new year and energise again. This period between Christmas and New Year is one for reflections and it usually leads to new strategies and intentions being formed. 

It is pretty unavoidable to be currently considering: “what can I do differently to make things work or be happier next year?” In this regard, I have a suggestion for you, what about, instead, asking yourself: “How can I be different to make things work or be happier next year?” 

This little shift in the verb will unfold magical effects. Do you know why?

The way you act and the way you are is the consequence of the way you think. If you keep using the same way of thinking you will constantly get the same results. If you want to attain different outcomes, you have to change the way you think and the way you see yourself. You have to focus on being instead of doing.

“Who do I have to be to reach that goal or to feel good in that relationship? What internal limits do I have to let go of to feel completely satisfied in that role? What kind of self-confidence do I have to develop to feel comfortable in facing that challenge?”

Your results are always a consequence of the way you are and the way you play your roles. But most of the time, you unconsciously downplay your potential instead of leveraging it.

Do you really want to experience a 2017 with a different flavour? You don’t need any new year’s resolutions. You just need one strong intention plus the desire to take action immediately. What’s that? It is spending a little time on you, knowing yourself better and being able to be 100% yourself in everything you do. It’s as simple as that.

Changing the way you are changes everything else.

If you want special help in this direction, you can find it with me!


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