2015: Are you ready for an Extraordinary Year?

Another year will end in a few hours and the new 2015 is right behind the door shining with expectations, good intentions and desires for the future. 

Every year we find ourselves at this same point: the calendar reminds us of this breakthrough moment and we again open up to the hope that the New Year will bring us the miraculous changes we are longing for.

It's not wrong to desire and to imagine something new and something better: it is indeed the first and the most important step to making things happen, but what we usually forget too soon, or do not know at all, is that to manifest our desires, dreams and expectations we need to keep a perfect and constant emotional alignment with them.

What does this mean?

It means that to turn dreams into reality we need to completely identify with those dreams and pursue them with a full commitment, passion, devotion and determination ... It means not losing faith and certainty in our dreams coming true, becoming unaffected by any doubt or fear. 

I assure you that if you believe completely in yourself and in your dreams, they are inevitable. 

How do you get this profound clarity of purpose and inner certainty? 

Create space and attention to study yourself; get to know you better; listen to and make peace with your inner conflict and doubt.

We really have the power to live extraordinary lives.

We are here with that purpose. 

The meaning of life is not suffering, limiting yourself, and becoming a prisoner of your habits and beliefs.

But until you choose to get in touch with and unfold your huge and wonderful potential, until you accept and recognise who you truly are and let yourself expand, you will experience problems and difficulties because they are your constant and only focus.

You have to lift yourself out of the ordinary and believe in the extraordinary to be able to see the extraordinary manifesting in your life. 

2015 could be a revolutionary year for you, but to make it become so, you must begin with changing your attitudes towards yourself.

Allow me to help you do that. I know very well that this road is full of beauty, wonder and miracles.

No one can evolve alone, we have to share and ask for help, we learn only in mirroring ourselves in the eyes of someone else. I’m doing that too. 

If you want 2015 to be an extraordinary year for you, you have to approach it in an extraordinary way and with an extraordinary mindset.

Choose yourself instead of choosing goals outside of yourself. 

Choose to understand what tools you have to transform your reality, because I assure you, you own them, but you are not currently using them in a proper and effective way.

There are many things we can do together, but the focus is going to be on you.

On January 5, for example, I will lead a new group of people to discover their potential through the online program “Choosing Yourself".

But, if you would prefer a more tailored approach I can offer you an individual program called “Choosing Me”.

With either option we will set your attention on you because you are the key, the secret to making every outcome possible and real.

Knowing yourself is the magic wand that you possess. I will give you the instructions for using it.

Don’t waste any more time in just hoping that things will get better, learn how to make them better.

Send me a message: annalisa@annalisaponti.com and I will be delighted to have a complimentary chat with you to explain the best you can do to make your 2015 the most amazing year that you can imagine.

My warmest wishes for a 2015 where you will learn to really "Choose You!"

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